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I can’t believe it’s almost Easter already. It’s next weekend, so I thought there’s no better post than a chocolate one. Don’t worry it’s not eggs (I am already sick of seeing them all over my house) but rather some delicious chocolate thins infused with flavour from Beeches Fine Chocolates.  

These are Chocolate Thins although there is nothing thin or skinny about these chocolates. As you can see I have 8 packets. Don’t worry I haven’t ate them all myself this time, I have been quite generous, sharing the odd chocolate with family members ?.

These Chocolate Thins come in 4 varieties – Lime & Chilli, Mint, Anglesey sea salt and Natural ginger. They are lovely disc shape chocolates, great for sharing and having with my good old favourite nice cup of tea.  

There’s is about 20 chocolates to each box (I think, I am too busy eating them to count!). The chocolates are the perfect size for brew dunking too. Each one makes me want another one, they are quite hard to put down.

There are no bits on the chocolates but rather the unique flavours are infused with the chocolate to form the whole flavour. Ther are all created using natural ingredients. The Anglesey sea salt are milk chocolate and the other varieties are dark chocolate. The flavours are lovely and strong but not too overwhelming that it spoils any chocolate taste. It’s just enough flavour to taste. Each box of thins come wrapped in plastic packaging and when I removed this I could instantly smell the lovely flavours before I opened the boxes. 

These tempting chocolate thins cost Β£4.99 per 150g pack. Beeches have an offer on too, which is if you buy 3 or more packs then the packs cost just Β£4.00 each and delivery is also free on orders of Β£12 or more. This offer makes them a great buy for occasions such as Easter, birthday gifts, Weddings, Christmas (oops probably shouldn’t mention that word just yet ?) or for the many chocolate lovers out there.  

They are very nice, and great for sharing in the evening.

Buy from  Beeches fine chocolates.


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