SunKissed Rapid tan mousse

I am having the pleasure of trying out a brand new tanning mousse. The mousse is due to be released in shops and stores this month in time for Summer. 

I love having a tan and looking bronzed and healthy but unfortunately  I have fair skin so do not tan easily. Therefore I rely on tanning products, of which I have tried and tested a fair few. 

The Sunkissed rapid tan claims to be kind to the skin, is dermatologically tested, free from parabens and contains blends of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. ο»Ώ

The tan claims to deliver an even and natural looking tan within just 60 minutes. Well there is of course only one way to test out these claims, so on it goes. ο»Ώ


The product is a mousse and comes out rather quickly. It’s a light brown foam to begin with. There is a sweet fragrance, perhaps a little like moisturiser so maybe it’s the Aloe Vera I’m smelling. 

Application was easy, it glides on very smoothly and blends in well. It dries very quickly, maybe too quickly so I had to be very fast when rubbing it in. A little at a time works best I think.

Here’s a before, during and right after application photograph of my lovely legs. ο»Ώ


It is obviously best applied with a tannjng mitt rather than fingers which can cause streaks and get a little messy. It comes out very fast at first so it’s also a good idea to have a towel underneath when applying.

Once applied, simply sit and wait 60 minutes or go to bed and check in the morning.

I could see results pretty much Instantly. After an hour there was a little change in the colour meaning it looked more natural once it had blended and started to work. 

Here’s my legs the morning after…. ο»Ώ


I am very impressed with the results. I am left with an even and streak free tan which looks quite natural and certainly more bronzed than orange (I think). I’m sure this will be a popular product for those wanting a quick tan before a night out.

I was sent my Sunkissed rapid tan mousse by Rainbow cosmetics who own the Sunkissed brand. They sell many other tanning and bronzing products at very low cost compared to other similar products out there. This rapid tan mousse costs just Β£4.99 which is an absolute bargain buy for a product of this type. It’s great quality and great price and means you can look like a bronzed goddess in no time at all.

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