Putting some “ColourWorks” in my Kitchen

Colourworks is a striking and comprehensive range of essential kitchen accessories, tools and gadgets. They come in many bright, bold colours which create a big impact on boring kitchens. There are many colours and accessories to choose from, thus giving the option to mix, match and co-ordinate in the kitchen.

My kitchen is quite large and doubles up as a dining room and even part playroom. I have been in my house just over a year now and it’s the only room I haven’t really touched decorating wise. It was already decorated and painted, albeit white so didn’t really need touching. All my appliances and accessories are black, so my kitchen was starting to lack a much needed input of some sort of colour. This is where the new accessories from Colourworks help. 

As well as being very colourful, these kitchen accessories are also silicone. Colourworks silicone products are designed  to bend and flex to the contours of bowls and pans, making scraping contents easier, silicone is also heat, odour and stain resistant and therefore ideal for use with non-stick surfaces. The Colourworks selection of silicone tools has something for every kitchen task and looks great too. 

I now have a great selection of very useful and very colourful accessories for cooking, these include a masher(not silicone), cooking spoons, spatula, palette knife, pastry brush and a pasta server. Each one in a different colour meaning they really stand out. I find the silicone easier to use too than my previous plastic or wooden utensils. 

As well as the silicone handy utensils, Colourworks has lots more kitchen gadgets to offer. This pizza cutter for instance, which we also have make pizza cutting so much easier than trying to slice with a knife. 

When you live in a home with an extremely fussy 10 year old, and his favourite food happens to be pizza then one of these really comes in handy. 

This pizza cutter has a soft touch panel and a fully rotating stainless steel blade, and ergonomically designed handle, it makes the process of cutting pizza simple.

The blade is of course very sharp and therefore this needs keeping away from small fingers.

I have been in need of a new set of knives as my old ones are feeling slightly blunt.

I was happy to see a brand new knife set amongst my other colourful products. This set contains 3 knives. 9cm, 12cm and the large chefs 20cm. The appearance of the knife set is somewhat deceptive, I think this may be down to them being coloured rather than steel or metal. However these are extremely sharp and cut with ease and very quickly. I have always been puzzled as to why my chopped onions and veg never appear nicely chopped. I now realise it’s because my old knife was not sharp enough. These are sharp enough which is why they also come with tough protective sleeves. These will also be kept out of reach and high up. 

Next – a measuring cup set, tho in the form of spoons. 

Each one a lovely bright different colour. Each spoon is a measurement being either eighth, quarter, half or one fuk cup. They com in handy for those annoying recipes which ask for 1 cup or half etc, and leave you wondering “how big a cup”. No need to worry with a set of these in the kitchen.

This Collapsable Colander is useful for small kitchens or those with lack of cupboard space. 

When needed it simply pops up into a full colander and collapses back down flat for storage. 

And finally a lovely Melamine two tone mixing bowl. Every kitchen needs a mixing bowl of some sort, be it for cakes or just mixing foods together. 

Melamine is virtually unbreakable. This bowl has a big 4 litre capacity and a non slip underside too. 

And now my kitchen is starting to look a little brighter than it did before and I also have some lovely new accessories to use.

There are over 400 products and utensils in the Colourworks range. These can all be found over at Kitchen Craft. There are many colourworks stockists throughout the UK and a vast product selection is also available on Amazon. 

It doesn’t have to cost the Earth to colour your kitchen. Colourworks utensils and accessories are inexpensive. Prices vary.



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