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When it comes to snacks and treats, the Japanese certainly have some rather bizarre things. Some of them taste great, others ok and some rather strange. It’s very rare to find any sort of Japanese candy or crisps here in the UK so it’s really good that there are a few Japanese snack subscription boxes out there. I think they really give us a taste of what Japanese children are perhaps enjoying right at this moment.

Today’s subscription box post is  Nandemobox which by itself is a very strange title. It makes me think more of computers and gadgets than snacks. Nandemobox offer varying subscription sign up plans but it pretty much works the same as any other – one box per month straight from Japan and filled with all sorts of Japanese snacks. 

It arrives pretty well packaged with lots of paper insulation and what appears to be a little free gift here. The little note has my name on and a brief intro into how many snacks I should expect to find in the box. This month there are 9 different snacks. This varies month to month. 

If your new to Japanese snack boxes then you may be thinking “well how will I know what it all is? It’s all in Japanese?” Very true but never fear as a very handy sheet comes in the box all in English and explaining what everything is. 

So what was in my box – my box contained a mixture of sweets, chocolate and some very peculiar items. 

Here are the “normal” items! ï»¿

A rather nice mixture of chocolate, hard candy, soft candy and biscuit sticks which the Japanese seem to love. Then we go slightly stranger with one of these! 

It’s one of those strange DIY sweet/snack kits which involves following a video tutorial and a little mixing/sometimes baking. Another thing the Japanese seem crazy about.

Now things get very very bizarre indeed from this point onwards, with the discovery of these 2 final products. What could they be? 

Well the green packet thing is I read a very popular children’s snack, only in Japan of course as I can’t imagine that many British kids happily munching on  seaweed flavour puff balls with Japanese brown sauce, although they are perhaps healthier than what many kids eat here. The strange pink circle has a picture of a crab on it for a reason. Yes it’s crab flavour crisp. Hmm not too sure about trying this one. It’s not the most appealing sounding snack.

The Nandemobox has bought a lot of excitement to our house with trying out new snacks and being quite amused by others. It costs $25 per month which probably works out about £14. This includes shipping worldwide too. Signing up for the subscription can all be done Here.

Nandemobox also offer a Kawaii box which is a box full of cute bits and bats. This includes stationary items, keyrings, teddies, plushies, bags and more. It sounds perfect for teens and girlies and is $35 a month (probably £20). Find this one here.

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  1. April 18, 2015 / 00:50

    Never heard of this site before, but now I really want to try both packs! ;^;

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