Ditching the highchair for Toosh Coosh

Izebella is growing up so fast. When I first started my blog, she was just 5 months old. Now she is 2 years 5 months. She is now is a big girl toddler bed, uses the toilet and prefers to walk rather than sit in a buggy. It was recently time to make another big change and that was to sit at the big table with big brother and sister.

Last year I was sent some great toddler mealtime products from Toosh Coosh

Toosh Coosh are an Australian company with UK stockists who make toddler products to assist mealtimes and changing from highchair to big table. When the products arrived I did feel it was a little too early and she seemed pretty happy still in her big highchair. However just recently she has been asking to sit and the table and climbing on the chairs. Therefore the perfect time to make the transition and ditch the “baby chair” as she now calls it. 

 Toosh Coosh sent Izebella two of their best selling products. The first is a very handy portable booster seat. 

These seats come in a variety of colour selections and made from a soft but tough foamy type material which feels comfortable for little bums to sit on. It gives Izebella that little height boost so she can be on the same sort of height level as brother and sister and also reach her food much easier. 

She now refuses to sit on the chairs useless her booster seat is on it. The booster seat will probably easily fit on the majority of chairs, it needs no securing or fastening on and seems to stay in place fine once the chair is pushed in. If it gets a little messy then it’s easy enough to wipe clean.

These booster seats are actually designed for big kids aged 3 and over. Izebella is slightly young for the age guide being only 2, but I think it depends on the overall ability of the child and whether they will sit calmly enough at a table without moving around too much. Luckily for me Izebella is one of the well behaved 2 year olds and sits happily until she is full.

Izebella also has a new Toddler tray ï»¿

These come in a few different designs and Izebella has one with lots of animals on, which is another thing she loves (animals and making noises etc). These trays are designed tough with toddlers in mind. They have raised sides to control mess and stop plates from sliding and so far we have been accident free and fairly minimal mess. 

The tray has an edge grip so fits snugly over the table edge. The fun graphics are embedded and this means no fading no matter how much it’s wiped and washed. It’s also dishwasher safe. 

So now thanks to her lovely Toosh Coosh products, Izebella can be a big girl and sit at the big table just like big brother and sister. 

And the poor highchair is condoned to a life at the local tip!?

I wish she would ditch the damn dummy too!

Toosh Coosh is an Australian company, there are several UK stockists and I have of course also found both the booster seat and tray on Amazon via a quick easy search.



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