Bobo Buddies

Bobo Buddies are a cute collection of animal characters which have been made into several products designed for babies and toddlers. Blankies, blanket backpacks and Toddler backpack with reins are all available to buy at the Bobo Buddies online shop.

There is a lion, monkey, giraffe,,dog and rabbit. Each with their own name and personality.

Izebella is now 2 and is starting to hate being pushed about in her buggy. She wants to walk and walk everywhere. She can be a little slow and tends to mess about, stopping to look at everything, and of course crossing roads is very dangerous with a walking toddler. Therefore the perfect Bobo Buddies product for her was the backpack with reins.

Our surprise Bobo Buddies backpack arrived, we had no idea which character we would get, and it turned out to be the lovely Lupo dog. Now this little character looked a little like Izebella's nannas dog who unfortunately died 2 weeks ago so it's quite a strange coincidence that this came around the same time. Izebella won't call her cuddly new pet Lupo but instead calls him Gaffer which was the name of the dog.


From the front it looks just like a cuddly toy and he is very fluffy and huggable. Turn him over to reveal a little bag and the straps and reins.

The bag is not the biggest but it's perfect for a short outing and for a toddler to carry. It will fit a small snack inside and a drinks carton or perhaps a small toy.

There are 2 shoulder straps which are adjustable and then the straps fasten around the chest. It seems to be a good comfortable fit on Izebella with a bit of spare room for growth or a thick coat. As the backpack is made of a lovely soft furry material it means it feels comfortable for Izebella to have it on.


The best bit (for me) about the Bobo buddies backpack is the walking rein strap. This is fully removeable if needed and hooks on and off a metal clasp. It's a simple strap with a loop to go around my wrist, it is quite long and gives the child enough freedom to run in front of parent without going too far.

Yes in a way it is like I'm walking her, I read many reviews and opinions from parents against walking reins, but for me I see it as a temporary solution to know that she is safe next to me when out walking. With the reins on she cannot run off from me and I can keep her away from the road until she is slightly older to understand a liittle better. When Jordanna was 2 years old she let go of my hand on a busy road junction and was hit by a car. Luckily she was okay and only got a broken collar bone. If I had owned walking reins or one of the Bobo buddies backpacks back then, then it's unlikely that the accident would have occurred.

Izebella seems to enjoy having her new cuddly backpack on whilst out and barely even realises that I am holding her on the strap.


The adorable character backpacks with reins cost Β£19.95 each. Buy directly from the online shop



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