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The majority of households have some sort of mould problem somewhere, no matter how small. I am no exception and seem to find the stuff everywhere. I am told (by an expert) that most of it is caused by condensation and something to do with the changes in air temperature on the outside and in. Thus the reason that mould around windows is very common. Mould is more of a problem in Winter due to the colder weather outside and heating/fires on inside. A way to prevent bad mould build up is to leave windows open – this however is not so easy when it’s cold and kids don’t feel so good. Dehumidifiers also help but can be very expensive to buy. Mould can be a nightmare it spreads like wildfire and returns very quickly. It is also very unsightly and can have damaging effects on health, causing all sorts of problems with the chest, nose and throat. 

There are many inexpensive products out there which claim to remove the mould. These seem a quick fix to calling out the experts. I have been testing out some products from a company called Kilrock as well as following advice and trying to leave windows open as much as I can, despite the cold. 

Comnon mould areas in my home include the windows and the bathroom tiles. The mould is black and very unsightly. Ordinary household cleaners do very little to remove the stuff. 

The first product from Kilrock is the Blast Away Mould Spray. It is sprayed onto problem areas, left for a while to work and then removed. It uses a bleaching action and therefore it does have a strong bleach smell so it’s best to open windows and use gloves. The spray works pretty well invetween the tiles, grouting, window sills and other areas and the mould was gone. 

Tougher areas are  the bottom of the tiles where the silicone is and window sil corners where large build ups form. The second product is the Blast Away Mould: brush on gel. 

It’s a little like squirting paint or glue onto a wall. Squeeze the bottle and it comes out of the brush end, then just apply like squidgy paint, leave on then wipe off. This can be a little messy and again it’s bleached base so it smells of bleach. This removed the majority of mould. I did have to do a second application to the tile silicone seal stuff, it’s a very tough area but it came up pretty clean and mould free for now. 

Both bottles state that they are ideal for both kitchen and bathroom. Window sils, bath/tap area, showers, tiles etc. I had a big problem with the ceiling in one of my bedrooms. Patches of black mould started randomly appearing, both near the window and middle of the bedroom. I used both the spray and the gel on the patches which was quite a messy job considering it was over my head. The products got rid of the mould, but unfortunately a week later the patches had returned. It has now been sorted by mould removal experts who tell me the cause was simply condensation and lack of airflow. The mould has not returned in my bathroom or around the window edges which is at least one less problem to worry about.

Therefore I think for more serious mould issues or where there could be an underlying problem, the Blast Away products are a perfect temporary fix until the experts arrive. Other than that they seem to work great on minor mould issues such as tiles and window areas.

Both of these Blast Away Mould products can be purchased here and both cost just £3.99 each.

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