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I’m having a strange few months trying to find unusual photo gifts, I have come to the bizarre conclusion that there is very little that cannot be personalised with a photograph embedded into it somewhere. Take a browse through my blog to see what I mean. Literally everything that we can buy as a gift can now be personalised with a photograph and it now seems it doesn’t just stop at small gifts either but rather home and kitchen accessories and essentials.

This here may just look like a fancy photograph ready to be hung but it is actually a glass chopping board.


Yes my 3 Angels are about to have all sorts of food bits and particles thrown over there faces. Not literally but rather on the photograph of their faces. Perhaps I should have put the ex on one of these next to a sharp chopping knife instead!?, but it’s a pretty impressive piece of kit.

These chopping boards are made tough to withstand huge amounts of chopping. They are made with durable tempered glass and I find it fascinating how they can get photographs onto these.


The photograph is fitted underneath rather than on top meaning it won’t wear out or fade away no matter what gets chopped on it or how often. Non slip rubber feet on the corners prevent slips, which would be rather dangerous should it slide whilst holding a big knife.


The board measures a fairly impressive 30 x 40 x 0.5 cms so plenty of room for plenty of food.


I will say one slight negative thing about it and that is that I have found chopping quite noisy on this. There is a bit of a scraping noise but maybe I’m chopping wrong, who knows. It doesn’t bother me too much and the glass board is strikingly impressive, it looks much too good to chop food on.


And now for the cost!

They are only Β£18.99 each. I expected it to be much more. It would be a lovely gift and perhaps an idea for Mother’s Day which is not too far away .
They can be purchased from Photo Panda along with a huge array of other photo gifts and products. The ordering process is extremely easy and the website is even mobile friendly which is always a welcome bonus.


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