The scent of a newborn but I don’t have a baby

I love the smell of a newborn. It’s the toiletries that are used on a baby that I love most and especially the baby powder. Every time I smell it, it takes me back to when my children were all new borns.
Now I can have that scent every day thanks to The Library of Fragrance.


What or who is The Library of Fragrance?

The Library of Fragrance products are produced by New York-based company, Demeter Fragrance Library Inc.
Originally established in 1996, Demeter set out to create fragrances that captured all the wonderful smells that surround us every day, but are too often under appreciated in our busy, pressured, multi-tasking world.

The fragrances are sold worldwide with Boots being the main UK stockist. The fragrances can be purchased directly from the website too.
The glass bottle contain 30ml of fragrance.

There are a massive 101 different fragrances available in the UK. These are by no means like the perfumes you find on the high street. Instead they are everyday scents and the scents that people love. Scents that bring back certain memories or take you back to a special time and place.
Some of these fragrances are a little bizarre, certainly not the sort of thing you would expect to find as a fragrances. There’s play dough, pizza, dirt, rain, stable, fireplace, caramel, daffodil even holy water (can’t imagine what holy water would smell like- thinking an old musty church tho)


I find it amazing how some of these every day scents can be made into a fragrance. The fragrance can then be used as a cologne, perfume or a room spray.
Here is a list I found of the available scents.


I did of course choose the baby powder fragrance which is one of the best selling scents. The scent of this is inspired by the Johnson & Johnson talc which I used on all of my children and I may be wrong but I am sure my parents used it on me too as it’s been around a fair few years now. Maybe the scent takes me back to my baby days somewhere in my deep conscious. I just know it’s one of those scents that I really enjoy.


I wasn’t really expecting much from this bottle and I really wasn’t expecting it to smell that much like baby powder but believe me it does. It’s almost like a new baby is in my home again but luckily it does not make me long for another one just yet.
A couple of sprays of this stuff and everyone will be thinking I’m a new mum again!

The fragrances cost Β£15 each and the baby powder one can be purchased from both Boots and The Library of Fragrance


  1. January 21, 2015 / 19:19

    I have heard of this brand and all the different scents sound amazing!

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