Give Godiva this Valentine’s Day

Christmas and New year are unfortunately long gone now and the next big occasion is fast approaching. I am of course talking about Valentine’s Day. The day for lovers to exchange cards, gifts and even propose. Card shops are already full of cards with lovers on and it’s never too early to consider gifts for the one you love, no matter how big or small.

Godiva are a luxury brand of chocolates and the story and history of the Godiva company is inspired by the English legend itself – Lady Godiva. I have seen Godiva chocolates in up market stores such as Selfridges and they can also be purchased from their online store. These are not the type of day to day standard chocolates that one can find in the supermarkets. These are very special chocolates indeed.

Now as many of my readers will already know, I love my chocolate and love trying all sorts of different ones. The more luxurious the better. Godiva sent me over some of their Valentine chocolates which I was more than happy to sample.

These are the Heart Shaped Truffle Biscuits costing Β£7.00. The pack contains 12 biscuits and they are really hard to put down once the first one is eaten.
The rich golden heart shaped biscuit is topped with a dark chocolate truffle heart making each bite a mixture of sweet crunch and rich chocolate indulgence. Probably the best biscuit I have tasted, just divine.

The biscuit packet is even wrapped in gold foil giving it the extra touch of class.

Then there is this dainty heart shaped box. Inside are 6 love inspired chocolates. This being the Valentine Sweetheart Chocolate box costing Β£15.00.

I was not really expecting much from just 6 chocolates and I’m sure many will agree that Β£15.00 is a lot of money for just these chocolates. They are amazingly good quality both in taste and appearance. Each chocolate is pretty big in size, very thick and bursting with flavour.

It’s quite rare to find chocolates this size which taste so good. I enjoyed them all and found there was none that I did not particularly enjoy which is usually the case with boxes of chocolates.


I really enjoyed my Godiva selections and have to admit that I did not share mine with anyone, they just tasted too good I’m afraid.
To buy both of these together would come to Β£22.00 which is quite a considerable cost for just chocolates alone. They are however luxurious and delicious and I am sure anyone who receives these for Valentine’s Day would be very appreciative.

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