Weebledown farm Weebles

On Monday night, Izebella ended up in hospital after trapping her finger in a door. She was ok but took a bit of skin off and it still looks a mess. This meant she had to have a day off nursery on Tuesday which she wasn’t too pleased about. But then came a knock on the door and the postman with a little package. Inside the package – two Weebles figures from Character Online.

Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!

I had seen these advertised on the television with the rather catchy “Weebles wobble theme tune” which Izebella tends to dance along to. The Weebledown farm Weebles are all animals with different characters and names. We were sent Buttercup the cow and Dapples the horse.

They remind me of those awful things I had as a child but much much better. When I say awful things I mean I really did not like them but they seemed pretty popular back then. I think they may have also been called Weebles (may be wrong) and were egg shaped things with faces on which wobbled but never fell down. Anyway the things creeped me out but these new Weeble animals are so much cuter.


As you can clearly see, each figure comes with a green base which resembles a patch of grass to graze on and a little fence which slots into the base. The figure then sits on the grass and the bases interlock.


This probably is not a toy that I would of immediately gone out and bought for Izebella but she seemed fascinated by them. She loves putting the animals on the bases, wobbling them, making her own animal noises and trying to push them over without them getting up which is pretty impossible. It’s amazing how the smaller toys can give children much more enjoyment than anything bigger or electronic.


The Weeble figures don’t need any batteries and they don’t do much other than sit and be pushed so they are very much like the sort of thing many of us played with when younger but a bit more up to date. Izebella loves them and it saves me using up more batteries. She does seem to prefer the toys without batteries!


There is a Wobbily Farm playset which can be purchased and used with the Weebles figures and also a tractor too.
The Weebles animal figures are just Β£4.99 each. There are 6 of these to collect.

I think Izebella forgot about her sore finger when these arrived.

Weebles are suitable for children aged 18 months and over.

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