First day at Nursery

This morning Izebella started at nursery. It’s the first time she has been away from me except with family members. I have been really unwell recently so probably didn’t get prepared as well as would normally do. Her new bag didn’t arrive until Saturday. It’s a Frozen one which she absolutely loves and just big enough for her wellies, cup and a change of clothes.
The nursery is a short 5 minute walk away but in the opposite direction to where Ryan and Jordanna go to school. They don’t start back until tomorrow tho which made things a little easier even tho they had to come too.
The nursery has only been opened a few months and seems a nice secure place. Lots of staff about and lots of toys and things to do.
Like most parents I had many worries and anxieties about her going. She has only just turned 2 (October) and seems too young to be away from me. I was worried she may not tell them
She needs toilet and of course other children pushing, hitting, accidents etc etc. Probably all normal worries which other parents have.
I did speak to her about nursery and she seemed pretty excited to be going. When we got there she literally ran in and immediately started playing with some toys. She even kissed me goodbye and no tears. I picked her up 3 hours later and was told she had used the toilet and ate her dinner. She had played outside and got a little upset, asking for me but was fine for her first day.
So now her first day of her life’s worth of education has begun. Little does she know she has many more years ahead of it. My little girl is no longer a baby but instead a nursery tot growing up way too fast.


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  1. January 5, 2015 / 16:08

    Aww! Bless her…It sounds like her first day went really well! I hope it continues! x

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