Making a Chocolate house

Right before Christmas we were sent a lovely little chocolate kit from Choc on Choc.
Our kit forms part of the “Melt and Make” kit selection at Choc and Choc of which there are 3 choices. A house (which we made), London scene and lollipops.


Now as you may know from previous posts I am usually quite hopeless at anything remotely creative and putting things together is always a big no no for me, so this house gave me a challenge. I really wanted it done for Christmas so I made it Christmas Eve.

It’s pretty straightforward really. There are milk chocolate buttons and white chocolate buttons. Both of which need melting and pouring into the included moulds and that’s the first part out of the way. Nothing too hard about that.


The box recommends to leave for 20 minutes to set but I found they both needed a little longer. The white chocolate took much longer and I had to remelt it as it started splitting when I tried to remove the moulds. After about 40 minutes tho it was done.
Oh did I mention there’s also a chefs hat which Ryan loves!


The difficult bit comes with putting the house together. It has 4 sides and the roof in 2 parts. The sides all have slots but to get it to stick together I had to add extra chocolate to the sides like glue. The problem was that this new chocolate is warm and melted which then softens the hardened chocolate moulds. Everytime I put one side together the other fell apart. I ended up turning it on the sides, sticking it and quickly placing it in the freezer for fifteen minutes which seemed to do the trick. The roof just sits on top.
There is also a chocolate tree and a garden scene colouring sheet on which the house sits. The tree does not stand up no matter what we do, but we all enjoyed making our little house and enjoyed eating it even more.

I’m actually quite proud I made this. Izebella loved the spoon licking too.

The house costs Β£12.99 and can be purchased directly from Choc on Choc

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  1. December 29, 2014 / 13:58

    That looks fantastic! Well done you and your little helpers….hehehe

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