The Book with No Pictures

I have reviewed and read a fair few books since I started blogging, but I was very confused by the title of this particular one.


The author is B.J Novak. I had no idea what the book would be about and the title lead me to believe it would be some sort of boring book for adults. WRONG!! It’s actually for kids or at least I think it’s meant to be.

As the title clearly implies, this book has no pictures at all. Instead it’s full of words, short paragraphs and rather silly sentences. I won’t give too much away but here’s just a snapshot to give the idea of the book as a whole.


Apparently the way to use the book is to have the reader read it out loud page by page and make the audience laugh. It certainly does make you laugh if read right. There’s a lot of silly noises and sounds and words to shout out loud.


It’s quite a silly books and the authors idea is to introduce young children to the powerful idea that written word can be an unending source of mischief and delight.

About the Author
B.J. Novak is well known for his work on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning comedy series The Office as an actor, writer, director, and executive producer. He is also acclaimed for his standup comedy, his performances in motion pictures , and his New York Times bestselling book of short stories, One More Thing. A graduate of Harvard University with a degree in English and Spanish literature, B.J. lives in Los Angeles, California

The book is available to purchase via Amazon for Β£9.09. It is published via Puffin books.

The video can be watched here too!

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