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I have had a stressful weekend, kids all unwell and I am also suffering with a cold, cough and sore throat. Add to that the 2 remaining huge sacks full of presents to get wrapped. It took the majority of Saturday night to wrap the last few (about 30) but it's now all done. My lips are stinging from biting off Sellotape but at least my hands are not aching as I did not need to write out any tags or labels thanks to my new Handheld label printer from Brother.

It's lightweight and extremely simple to use for just the basics. It does need 6 AAA batteries but as luck would have it, I always have a drawer full at this time of year. A tape cartridge comes with it which is easy to snap in. This cartridge is black on white but I do believe other colours and tape sizes can be purchased for it.

Basic operation and printing could not be simpler. Just switch on, type what you want and press print and out comes the labels.

There are of course many ways to make the labels look better and several other options, formats and fonts to use. I won't go into them all because I have only been using it a few days myself so am still learning it all.

The fonts allow for bold, italics, shadow, underline and a few others. I can have 2 lines of text in total and use options to make the text big, medium or small. I can also change the label length tho this is something I'm still testing out to get the desired label length, sometimes it comes out very long if not set correctly. The Deco mode allows for set patterns on the labels and then my favourite is the option to add little images in various categories and straight away I found a few festive ones. Here are just a few I made whilst practicing.

I have of course been making labels for presents instead of writing them out. The label printer has many more uses than just presents. The labels can be printed for anything, be it food labelling, bag labels, temporary clothing labels or even labels to help younger ones with spelling and object identification. The labels come with 2 sections of peel off backing which once I got used to it is pretty easy to peel off.

The printer itself is very lightweight, easy to hold and so easy to use. I think even my 10 year old would beable to use it as it really is very easy.

It saved my poor hands a lot of work over the weekend and the labels look just as good as any other on the remaining kids presents, not like kids really take much notice of the labels anyway when ripping them open on Christmas morning anyway.

This label printer costs approximately Β£40.00 from Brother and can be found for slightly less via Amazon.


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