Kids stocking fillers: Cushions

All children make lists at Christmas full of toys and gifts that they really want Santa to bring them. Stocking fillers make extra special little gifts which costs much less than the main present and usually smaller in size. Stocking fillers can be anything you like including bits of chocolate, smellies, toothbrushes, stationary, small toys and bits they need.

Today I'll be posting some last minute ideas for those last minute stocking filler buys for children and to start it off I have some very special cushions to show you.

Cushions make lovely gifts for kids of all ages, including baby's and teens. They come in all shapes and sizes and colours and have multiple uses too. Use them on the bed, use them for lounging around, put them on chairs or just have them to liven up a bedroom.

The two cushions I have here come from a place called Sheridan who are an Australian luxury lifestyle brand with UK outlets. They sell many items for the home and it's well worth a look at their website.

The first cushion for Jordanna is this pretty Sheridan Addeline bird.

It's big, lovely and soft and the shape and design is great for sleeping on. Jordanna is in need of a new cushion, her current pillow pet friend is a little worse for wear after 5 years of being thrown around. As she is getting a little older now, this bird design is something that won't grow out of fashion as birds are good for any age.

The pink colour goes with the colours in her room too. Izebella has a similar pink cushion for Christmas too so she wormy feel left out.

And now one for Ryan too and I absolutely love this one. It's just fab. I don't think I have seen a cushion quite like this one.

Yes it's a big colourful crocodile. The Sheridan Allesandro cushion is very long, seems great for putting under the neck. It has many mismatched patterns running along its long body which makes it stand out from the crowd. It even has feet along with facial features. I think Ryan and Croc cushion and going to be good friends. Yes even older boys enjoy their little home comforts and cuddly friends.

Both cushions retail at about Β£21.99 each and a google search will bring up many stockists for each. Great little useful gifts for kids of any age this Christmas.


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