Kids stocking fillers: Bears

Teddy bears and cuddly toys make perfect stocking fillers, even for adults. No one is ever too old for a cuddly little friend.

Carte Blanche are of course producers of the Tatty teddy, Me to you and Blue nose friends cuddly collection. The Me to you bears in particular are very easy to spot on shelves of card and gift stores. They have a unique appearance with their very cute blue noses and other distinct features including the “Me to You” mark on one of the feet. The bears come with a bar code on their tag too which when scanned will allow the bears owner to watch a story about how “Me to You bears” came about.

Me to You bears are incredibly popular and new ones are constantly being made. They have several for almost every occasion throughout the year as well as Christmas. These bears are lovely, soft and good for cuddling. They seem to be quite collectible too with many collectors proudly displaying them on shelves and mantelpieces. They are available in many sizes too, from tiny key ring size to very big bears.

I now have my very own soft and cuddly “me to you” bear. Isn't he just so adorable.

He is quite a festive little guy, holding 2 candy canes which join up into a heart shape. He could also double up as a Valentinr bear which will of course be the next big thing after Christmas.

I do love the little blue noses, just so cute. He will certainly be a welcome addition to any teddy bear collection.


As well as the very cute bear and cuddly collection, Carte Blanche also sells many other gifts and accessories which can too be used for lovely stocking fillers.

With our little bear also came a “Me to You” lip barm trio gift set. A set just perfect for 7 year old girls I think (as well as mummy's to borrow for their lips!)

Most little girls love little things like these. The set has 3 individual lip balms in little tins. Each one bursting with fruity flavours. Such a lovely little gift.


Tatty teddy bears and gifts can be found in many card and gift stores. Information on the products and Carte Blanche history can be found on their website here


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