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We have been testing out a new type of kids construction set. The Laser Peg kits are a new idea beginning in the USA. I am very sure that these kits will be extremely popular here in the UK very soon too.

What are Laser Pegs? – This here is the information that can be found over on the Laser Pegs about page

Laser Pegs® is The Original Lighted Construction Set that combines two things kids love: light and building. Each kit comes with a range of models to assemble out of Laser Pegs® and clear or colorful construction pieces. All thr parts are easy to rearrange and swap so that anyone can build their own light up creations…

Laser Pegs kits are a totally new and unique type of toy. Think construction combined with electronics or even Lego with illuminations. It's something that will appeal to many children and my kids seemed quite amazed by it all.

We have 3 kits to use and build with but there are many more to choose from. The kits themes vary around transportation and animals and it seems new kits are bought out often. The kits come with numerous possibilities with options to make more than one figure. The number of figures varies with each kit but can be anything from 4-57 different figures per box. They all follow similar instructions with each one starting with the Power Base just like this one which comes with our National Geographic Oceans Kit.

This little base is pretty much where the magic happens. This controls the illumination by press of a button. It comes with a connector tube to connect the finished model.

The rest of the kit consists of see through bricks and tubes. The instructions come as diagrams which are a little tricky to follow in parts.

Now as you may have previously read I was born without construction skills of any sort so I left the building part to Ryan who was only to happy to get on with it. Jordanna is probably a little too young to fully follow the diagram but of course the kits can be used by both boys and girls.

It starts with some connecting tubes which connect together like this.

Ryan found this first part incredibly easy and managed it no problem in minutes.

It was when he started building the big body of the Manta ray that things got a little tricky and I had to try and help. The bricks are all clear and see through which can make them tricky to see. It's probably best placing them all on a very dark surface and use a good light whilst building. One if the pictures was not too clear on which parts were needed as many of the bricks look similar. It took us a while to build it but together we got there in the end. As with any type of construction toy, if you press and push too hard it will come apart and come apart it did once or twice.

We found we did not have to wait for the finished figure to see the light show in action and can light up the figure at any point finished or not. Tho it's well worth waiting until it's built to see it in action.

This is the Manta ray and it looks very effective in the dark and especially so with our Christmas lights on at the moment with it.

The light display has several modes via button press. It will flash, flicker and stay still and then of course switch off. The power base requires batteries and I believe an adaptor can be purchased too
See our short video clip of the Laser Pegs figure in action.

Ryan seemed very happy with his new kits. He also had a car and tractor kit to complete too.

One thing I did find slightly disappointing is that the instruction sheet only gives instructions for one model. For the other models we have to go to a website to download and print out instructions. For kits with more models in I think this would be quite a lot of printing.

Well I think it's fair to say that Laser Pegs have put a nice smile on Ryan's face which is something I don't see often these days.

Once connected to a power base, each Laser Pegs® shape feeds the next to illuminate an enclosed LED so that these incredible structures light up as you build. These parts are modular and open-ended, and they can all be used with one another. Laser Pegs® unique design makes them compatible with major brand construction toys so that you can bring light into other models. Unique among kids construction toys, Laser Pegs® give the pure joy of creating with light. Laser Pegs® work with batteries or via AC adapter. Laser Pegs® are also compatible with other leading construction set brands!

Laser pegs are recommended for children and adults aged 3 and over. I probably would not buy a set for a 3 year old and I would say they are suited for a child of 8 years and above but that's just my opinion.

Laser pegs can be purchased on their website here. It's an American website but they do ship internationally. Prices vary for different kits. I have also seen a few of the kits on Amazon UK by doing a search for Laser Pegs.



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