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My children all love making and creating things. Sometimes it's a little messy, other times absolute chaos but fun all the same. Izebella is a little young for Science and science type kits but Ryan and Jordanna both love them.

I was contacted by Science4you who after finding out my children's ages agreed to send me some sets for all of them.

First up today is Jordanna's new kit which is called Soap Factory and as the title suggests it's all about creating your own soap to either use yourself or send as a gift.


The Soap Factory kit comes with an age recommendation of 8 and over so Jordanna is slightly on the younger side being just 7. However with mums help and supervision and a little help from Ryan too she was able it make some lovely soap.

I was a little concerned that the kit may be a little too messy and may contain chemicals which could be dangerous to Izebella, but there's not really much in the box that can cause harm. The box contents on first glance seemed a little daunting. There is a bag which seems full of all sorts of bits and parts including dyes, scents, moulds and more and another bag with 2 tubs of soap base. My first thoughts were that it looked like hard work but it's actually fairly easy.

The instruction book doubles up as an information guide on soap and how it's made, what it is, chemical compounds and lots more. A good read for any budding scientist. The book is also in English throughout so no reading through endless foreign guides trying to locate the English text.

There are a few different experiments to do but for now we are sticking with the making soap. This is the soap base which looks a little like ice cubes or sugar lumps. This needs heating to melt it and this can be done a few ways. I use a microwave and put the soap base into a glass.

Once the stuff is melted it is then poured into one of the moulds. 3 moulds are supplied all with an ocean theme (shell, fish, seahorse) these moulds are just standard plastic type and any other moulds could be used too.

There is the option to make a plain basic sops using just the soap base or make a colourful fragranced soap using the dyes and fragrances supplied and the latter definitely appeals more. The scents are tangerine and apple and colours of blue, yellow and pink. These need to be added to the melted soap base. The amount depends on how colourful or how strong a scent is desired. Pipettes and spatulas come with the kit as do safety goggles and gloves. There is even glitter too to make the soaps sparkly.

Once the solution is all mixed it gets poured into the moulds and the moulds left to set for about 3 hours. Then once the soap is set and hard it can be taken out and used.

Plastic wrapping film and ribbons also come with the kit so Jordanna can turn the soaps into little gifts.

I,m not sure how long the soap base will last or where refills can be purchased which is the only slight problem with kits such as these.

The Soap Factory kit can be purchased from Amazon for a reduced price of Β£16.99



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