Science4You: Domino Animal World

My next toy from Science4You is a pre school toy for Izebella. Domino Animal World contains 28 Dominos with circular bendy shapes.

Unlike the usual domino game, these dominos have images of wild animals and also numbers. The animals include monkey, giraffe, elephant and a hippopotamus. They are very bright and colourful and all made from solid wood. The round twisty shapes makes them easy for little hands to grip and they come in a wooden storage box too.

There are many different ways to play with these dominos and I could not see any instructions in the box so it was up to us to use our imagination with these. The traditional domino game involves giving out the dominos and trying to connect dots. In this case it would be matching animals and number. Izebella is more than able to match the animals up and is actually quite good at it but she does not yet understand what taking turns means so it usually ends up with no one else getting a go. When it's just me am Izebella we have lots of fun simply matching up pictures. I will ask her what the animal is or what colour the domino is so there is a few educational and learning benefits to this toy.

Izebella also enjoys making various shapes and patterns with the dominos which she will often refer to as “Wiggly worms”. Once finished playing she is also more than happy to help tidy them away.

Of course big brother and sis are only too happy to join in the domino fun. Well when Izebella allows them to that is!

Domino Animal World can be purchased on Amazon for just Β£6.99 and aimed at young children ages 3 and over. My clever little 2 year old is able to play with these without any problems.


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