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Baylis & Harding has just launched a new bath, body, hand and fragrance collection – Beauticology Fruits. With its amazing fragrance combinations, including “Mango & Mandarin” , “Strawberry & Pomegranate”, “Coconut & Lime” and “Pink grapefruit & Raspberry it brings fruity fun to your daily beauty routine!

I love relaxing in a hot bath at the end of a busy day once my children are in bed and taking a relaxing break from my worries if only for half an hour. I love pampering myself with gorgeous smelling quality products and I love the Baylis & Harding brand. I have some lovely new products from the new Beauticology range and I also have something of each fragrance top meaning I get to smell very fruity once I'm done.

Everything I have here, I am able to use together as my bath care/pampering routine. To start with I use my very big bottle of Bath & Shower cream in Mango & Mandarin. This is a really big bottle being a huge 750ml. It smells just like a sweet orange juice with lovely zesty aromas. I pour a little under a running tap to give me a lovely fruit bath full of creamy bubbles.

The pump action nozzle helps to control the amount that comes out and of course prevent spills and mess.


Whilst in the bath I then use my Gently Exfoliating Shower scrub and this one is in Strawberry & Pomegrantate fragrance. I never understand why these products state “bath or shower” as they can obviously be used in either.

This one is oozing with strawberry essence. I'm not too suet what a pomegranate smells like so unsure if I smell this too. To use I simply message into skin, all over my body and then rinse off.


Once cleaned and dried its time to apply my Body Butter in Pink Grapefruit and Raspberry. Now I do feel poor body butters sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to gifts and often become unused items stored in a cupboard. I think this one is extra special. I absolutely love the fragrance and can smell a mixture of both the fruits. The cream itself it's soft and whipped and dries fairly quickly on. It makes me smell so nice after applying it and helps to soften my skin too.


After the body butter treatment comes a Frgrance Mist in Coconut & Lime. This is not really a product I have used much before. I obviously use perfumes and deodorant and this seems to be something that falls inbetween. This can obviously be used anytime of day just to freshen up. It contains moisturisers and works to leave skin refreshed and hydrated. This is also something that could be popped in a bag and taken to work. Just like deodorant or perfume.


Finally afte all the picking up bottles and spraying, my hands may be feeling a little worn and tired. Busy hands often get neglected and it's hands that do a lot of work. This Hand Cream also in Coconut & Lime contains vitamin e and provides my tired hands with triple moisturising treatment. It helps with dryness and helps to prevent skin cracks as well as making them smell really good.


All Baylis & Harding products are paraben free and the products can be found in various stores selling beauty products. Boots, Debenhams, tesco, House of Fraser, Sainsburys and Amazon all stock a selection of the products. Prices do vary and more information can be found at the Baylis & Harding website.


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