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Polagram is an award winning app available to both apple and android users. It allows users to print photos directly from a mobile device and also order a selection of beautiful photo gifts.

The app itself is free and details of downloads can be found here. The selection of photo gifts includes prints, photo books and calendars. As it's already an app, it means it's extremely mobile friendly meaning no flash player notifications and no need to transfer photographs to a laptop.

I have photo books already but not one with newer photographs in so this is what I created. These photo books allow for 26 individual photographs and a large photograph is placed on each page. The front page of the book which is hard backed displays 9 of these photographs in smaller format.

There is also space to write text too.

The photographs turned out really well. I like the fact that there is just one picture per page it makes them look clearer and not cluttered.

I love my photo books I find them so much better than photo albums where I have to mess about putting photographs in. With the photo books I dint need to as they arrive as books with the pictures on the paper.

The prices on Polagram are in Euros as I think they ship the products anywhere. PayPal is the payment method and the photo books cost €24.90. My book was very easy to make and once made I was kept up to date with delivery information. It took about a week to arrive.

I was so impressed with how easy the app is to use that I also ordered a second product from Polagram. The Giftbox!

The Giftbox is just that. A little Giftbox which is full of memories. Inside the box are 36 photographs of my choosing.

The photographs come as Polastyle or Polaroids, remember those expensive cameras which could produce your photo within minutes of it being taken back in the 1980s? I used to long for one for one of those cameras!

I have albums full of baby photographs of Ryan and Jordanna. Digital cameras on mobiles were still fairly newish 10 years back so I did print many pics back then. Nowadays the majority stay in the digital universe so I do not have that many actual printed photographs of Izebella. I decided therefore to do a birth to now gift box of Izebella, starting with the first picture minutes after her delivery, until now.

I have tried to include a photograph for each month of her life so far with special occasions and milestone pictures thrown in too. The gift box is small so can just stay on a display stand or fireplace, no doubt many visitors will be dying to know what's inside. In another 2 years I may just have to make another set.

The Giftbox is just €15.90 and again really easy to make. It's simply a case of choosing and uploading the photographs and making the gifts. Then add details and check out. Simple as that.


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