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Many parents are familiar with balance bikes for young children. Balance bikes are generally suited to 3 years and over and are a pre big bike ride on. What I never knew until recently is that there is also a pre – balance bike which is called a Toddlebike.

Toddlebike originates in Belgium and was bought to the UK by mum Jo Hockley. They are aimed at very young toddlers who can walk but are not quite ready for a balance bike. Toddlebikebis made from tough durable plastic and is extremely lightweight, weighing under 1kg. The mini bikes come in a choice of 3 colours Primary, Neon and Pink. It's not hard to guess which one Izebella has. Yes she has a pink one which seems to be her favourite colour at the moment. Everything pink!

I was really happy to find the Toddlebike already assembled in the box. I hate nothing more than having to build things up from scratch with shoddy instructions. This came straight out of the box and ready to ride. I did wonder if it may be too small for Izebella on first glance but I think I was underestimating how small Izebella is too. It's perfect for both her size and age.

The bike, although very small and lightweight seems extremley tough and durable which I guess it needs to be given that it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in any type of weather. All the parts are tough hard plastic and seem designed well enough to cope with the majority of bumps and crashes which Izebella will no doubt put it through in its lifetime.

It's a very cute looking vehicle isn't it? Probably one of the cutest little bikes I've ever seen.


Izebella needed no prompt nor instructions for this bike. Like a bolt of lightening she was on it the moment her big blue eyes caught sight of it. She goes forward, she goes backwards, she reverses and turns all by herself. She holds the handles with feet on floor and happily pushes herself around the house.



There is a seat on the bike but many children start off by sitting on the crossbar and gradually move to the seat. Izebella seems to do whatever takes her fancy at that present time and does a combination of crossbar and chair. Sometimes she gets a little silly and tries to sit on it backwards too. We have taken the bike outside too but up to now just on our front and back gardens as it's a little cold and too dark to venture out too far on it just yet. When it starts to get warmer I will be taking the bike to our local park where she can happily ride and walk rather than being sat in a buggy.

As you can see by her face. It's smiles all round for her new bike. She rarely wants to put it away.

With it being so light it means she can also carry it about herself too such as down the step on the door. She rarely lets me help her do anything, very independent and carrying her new toddle bike is no exception. “Me carry it mummy” she will often say.

As the Toddlebike is so small, it makes it very easy to store away. I place it in my under stair cupboard at night but it easily fits under any dining table too and could also be stored outside in a shed or under a cover.

Toddlebike is suitable up until about 3-4 years old and then it's time to swap for either a balance bike or the real thing with stabilisers. Once Izebella outgrows her toddle bike I am sure she will want to keep hold of it and maybe push her dolls or teddies around on it.


Toddlebikes cost Β£23.95 each and this includes free shipping. Toddlebike can be purchased directly from the Toddlebike online shop where more information can also be found. What a great little durable ride on toy this is for toddlers everywhere. Would make a great Christmas gift and needs no batteries or assembly and small enough for even the smallest of houses and flats.





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