Delicious chocolate treats from Mars

Mars, and that is Mars the famous chocolate brand and not the planet (just incase you were wondering) have launched several brand new delicious products consisting of cakes, cookies and spreads. Of course, in true bizzimummy style I have been busy sampling some.

I have here a huge Galaxy treat cake

This massive tray cake contains approximately 15 portions if cut into squares 5×3 rows. Possibly more portions if cut smaller and less if feeling greedy.

Underneath is a soft chocolate sponge which is then topped with a layer of chocolate buttercream ganache and then topped with an assortment of milk chocolate pieces.

Now you may be thinking that we have a birthday in the house but no, we are just enjoying this delicious cake and making you all hungry.
This cake can be found in the cake aisles of Asda at the rather generous price of just Β£7.00 or maybe less. That’s less than 50p a slice.

As if the cake was not enough chocolate for us, we also have a brand new Malteser chocolate spread

Now this stuff is heavenly, it’s also addictive too. It tastes just like maltesers and has the crunchy malty pieces throughout it.

It’s one of those naughty indulgent vices that I cannot help but get the odd spoonful of every time I open my cupboard. Just delicious and great with toast, pancakes, cakes, biscuits or just eat it with a spoon!

This Malteser spread can be bought from Tesco for just Β£2.00 for a 200g jar and I think I may be buying another one very soon. Am surprised I’m not looking like a beach whale after all these delicious treats but as the saying goes “A little of what you fancy does you good!”

Information on Mars products can be found on their website
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