Loving fish with our Princes hamper

Princes has been one of the nation’s favourite food and drink brands for generations. Their products are used to create delicious meals, snacks and by millions of people every day.
Amongst them many food products us a wide selection of tinned fish. Which is possibly what Princes are most well known for.
I was sent over a large hamper full of Princes tinned fish products as well as a gift card to buy extra ingredients.

As you can see there are lots of fishy treats to keep us going for a while. Princes supply most types of tinned fish including – Tuna, Salmon, Pilchards, Sardines, Mackarel and rarer varieties such as tinned crab.

Tuna is probably the most popular type of tinned fish and we eat a fair bit of it in our house. Ryan won't touch it but Jordanna loves it and I like it every now and again. Princes have lots of tinned tuna varieties which include the regular tins of tuna chunks & flakes in oils and brine and also new Deli Fillers.

The Deli Fillers are like a meal in a tin. Tuna combined with a variety of ingredients and a sauce. I have tried the New York Deli, which is huge chunks of tuna combined with sweet corn, gherkins and mayonnaise. They can be eaten alone and straight from the pot, or put on a sandwich or crackers or with pasta.

Tuna is of course a very versatile food product. A tin of than can usually be found in most family cupboards and so many things can be made with it. I especially enjoy tuna pasta and tuna pasta bake.



Salmon is again another family favourite and something that both me and Jordanna also enjoy (sadly not Ryan nor Izebella). Salmon is still considered by many to be a luxury or expensive product but I think it depends where you buy it and what type you buy. Again Princes have a vast selection of tasty tinned Salmon products, both in the more richer red variety and the more mild pink type.

Jordanna actually eats salmon alone straight out of the tin. She loves the stuff and reminds me of a little cat. Princes salmon is full of tasty flavour. I love salmon with salad tho it's a little cold for salad at the moment.

Combining pink salmon with a selection of cooked vegetables is also something I really enjoy. Vegetables are also healthy like the salmon itself and are fairly inexpensive to buy.




My favourite products from my fishy hamper were the sardines and Mackarel tins. These taste lovely and come in a ride range of fabulous flavours. I would say the tins contain enough for one person and have the ring pulls to open them easily.

I really enjoy all of these on toast and toasted sandwiches, sometimes with onions and with a little bit of pepper, mayonnaise or salad cream. Full of delicious flavours and no bones to dig out either. Of course they can be used for many other recipes too.


Princes tinned fish products can be found in every supermarket and even In many local shops. Prices vary from store to store and per different products. More information about Princes fish and their other food items can be found on their website.



  1. November 11, 2014 / 11:48

    Yay for the Tuna and Salmon but I just can’t bring myself to eat sardines and mackarel…..What a great hamper x

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    July 17, 2019 / 13:05

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