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Good Bubble make natural and fun bath stuff to get you squeaky clean and open you and your family up to some new discoveries too. From the superfruits that take pride of place in their bottles, to their journey from far away lands and the way it’s all put together at a family business in the heart of England. They bring you gorgeous, gentle formulations that truly nourish your hair and skin. Rich in nutrients, free from harsh chemicals and kind to the planet. Made with only the best intentions. No tears. No nasties.

I was really happy to be sent over some Good Bubble products got my children to try out. We all enjoy trying out new bath products and toiletries and were getting a little tired of the same brands found in shops. My children have 3 of the Good Bubble products.

Super bubbly Bubble bath, Smooth Softly Conditioner and Clean as a bear shampoo.

The good bubble products come in two super fruit variants, both of which smell fantastic and gave my bathroom a lovely aroma. There is dragon fruit and cloudberry. Dragon fruit is something I enjoy eating when I can get one but I have never heard of a cloudberry and actual even googled it to see if it was a real fruit. It is, it looks a little like a raspberry so I may just have to look out for it next time I shop for fruit.

The bubble bath gave lots of lovely bubbles. I only had to use a very small amount and the bath was filled with bubbly goodness. Ryan is too old for bubble baths now and prefers showers but Jordanna and Izebella love their bubble baths and also both enjoy sharing a bath together. (More fun and more mess!).

The shampoo had a delicious smell and was very foamy on thr hair. It is also gentle on the eyes, being pretty much tear free. No eye sting and no frustration. The products are all formulated with little ones in mind.

Just look at her crazy bath hair!

I was very happy to see a stand alone conditioner product for children. I do find that kids conditioners can be hard to come by and it's usually a 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner product which is just no good for long curly hair. Again this conditioner smelt great. It seem to be a good conditioning product too which left my girls hair soft and manageable afterwards.


All Good Bubble products are Vegan society registered making them suitable for almost anyone. They contain special moisturising properties to nourish young hair and skin.

The products can be purchased directly from the Good Bubble Shop and start from Β£3.69 per product.




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