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This is probably a familiar situation!

you go on a night out with friends and leave your phone data switched on. Whilst out you send a few messages, emails, check a few things online or Facebook all of which helps to drain your battery. Your friends leave before you and fairly late on you pull out your phone to call a taxi. Your phone battery has died! What will you do now?

I have certainly found myself in that situation more than once, and it is not nice searching for a phone box that works and then trying to find change, or worse still begging some stranger to call a cab for you.
Well those situations can be a thing of the past thanks to a handy and rather feminine little gadget called Retouch.


Retouch power products are essentially phone and tablet chargers. They come in two different products. Kissable in the shape of a lipstick and Blush which is what I chose and is in the shape of a compact blusher. Both of the products come in two colour choices, black or white.

Retouch blush could from the outside be mistaken for an actual compact blusher.

It fits in the hand and even has the words Blush compact on it’s case although the word powder is changed to power.
There is even a very useful mirror inside the Blush and what girl doesn’t need a mirror on a night out.


It comes with a small USB lead which is the lead used to charge it up prior to going out. It charges up via a laptop, PC or wall charger and a full charge takes around 4-6 hours. When charging blue LEDs on the unit will flash.

Once charged it is small enough to pop in a handbag and off you go. The included USB May or may not fit your device so obviously you would need to check before taking it out. I have an iPhone 5S and it does not fit mine so instead I have to take the lightening charge cable with me but this fits snuggly inside the unit. The output socket on Blush is a standard USB port designed to accept any kind of mobile charging cable.

Its 4200 mAh, A-grade lithium polymer battery with 2100mA charging speed means you can recharge over 2 to 3 smartphones from a single full battery, an iPhone 5/ 5S nearly two times off a single charge or even recharge iPads, other tablets and USB devices at fast speeds..

You can see the battery lightening charge indicator on my phone here when connected to Blush.



The pink blush button is a power button which can be pressed to see if any power remains on the unit.

I found Blush charged up my phone fairly quickly. It’s a great little handy gadget which is a must for ladies who rely heavily on their mobile phones or tablets being constantly on. I am one of those ladies.
I like the style of Blush. The way it is modelled into a compact blusher or even the kissable lipstick design is very clever. It is something that can be taken with me wherever I go and means that I do not need to worry about my phone battery dying. Just as long as I remember to keep the unit charged up that is.


Retouch blush retails at Β£39.99. I can see it being a popular stocking filler for teenage girls from their worried parents as well as a top buy for gadget loving ladies.

For more information and how to buy visit Retouch Power


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  1. November 11, 2014 / 14:20

    That is really cute!

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