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The Primal Kitchen is all about the Paleo lifestyle and therefore they sell paleo food products which come in the form of bars.
Now up until a few months ago, I like many people had absolutely no idea what the paleo lifestyle/diet was. “So” I did a little googling and research and it turns out that It’s all based around eating unprocessed, basic foods, which would have been available to our caveman ancestors, the diet allows for most kinds of meat and veg and a fair few other natural products. To be totally honest this diet is certainly not for me, unfortunately I love my chocolate, crisps and other processed bits of rubbish a little too much but that does not mean I can’t sample what Paleo is all about.

Now I’m guessing when many people think of Paleo, the words boring, bland, tasteless may come to mind! Yes I thought the same too until I stumbled across Primal Kitchen bars that is. I have tried and reviewed them previously and this time I was sent a few more, including the brand new Hazelnut & Cocoa one.

These bars are handmade in the UK and contain just 6 ingredients – hazelnuts, dates, almonds, almond oil, organic and fair trade cocoa powder and natural vanilla. The bars are free of grains, gluten, refined sugar, soy, vegetable oil and of course any kind of additive, preservative, flavouring or colouring. Just simple and tasty high quality ingredients jam packed into a bar.
I liked them all. Every flavour was different but nice and not at all bland or boring, infact quite sweet tasting and they reminded of breakfast bars. I did find 2 of them a little oily looking and I think this is probably due to the almond oil they are made with. However the taste was not oily.

The one I enjoyed most is the new one (Hazelnut & Cocoa)
A bit like a rich dark cake infused with nuts and chewiness. They all taste good tho and can be enjoyed for breakfast or any time of the day.

Well I have not been converted to the paleo diet but it’s nice to try something different and something a little more healthier too.

The Primal Kitchen bars (which are also available in three other flavours – Coconut & Macadamia, Almond & Cashew and Brazil Nut & Cherry) cost just Β£1.49 each and are available from Ocado, Superdrug, Tesco (from the end of October), leading health stores, selected CrossFit Boxes and gyms and (where you’ll also find further information).

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