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Just in time for Christmas I am attempting Ravensburger puzzles once again. Only this time I have not one but two of them to complete.

The Muppets
You would be correct to assume that I have featured a muppets jigsaw puzzle before and one from Ravensburger too. However that particular one was aimed more at children with just 100 pieces. This one is 10 times the size (jigsaw terms) being a 1000 piece and therefore more for adults or teens.

The finished picture features many well known members of the loveable muppets crew including Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie and that’s sort of where my muppets cast knowledge ends I’m afraid. I have seen the movies and loved it when younger but cannot remember who is who.

The crew look like they are having a ball on the picture with fireworks in the background. A thousand pieces is difficult and especially so the background bit with the fireworks which all looks the same. With a puzzle this size I try to complete characters and faces individually and then attempt to join them together. The big bold MUPPETS title also breaks up the background making it slightly easier. Think this one may take me a while!
AMAZON have limited stock of this one and currently for just Β£12.01 a rather strange price I think with the addition of the 01p but still a good price.

The Ludicrous Library
This one is a real piece of art and just the type of bizarre and weird imagery that I love. Well that’s if I can put the thing together.

It’s 500 pieces so you would think much easier than the muppets one above but no, afraid not. The picture (when finished) shows fantasy, chaos, curious creatures, and impossible stairways, not only are the stairways impossible but the puzzle seems impossible at times too. The stairways look the same as do the many books scattered about the library so it’s really difficult to work out if this one fits here or over the other side. “but” the finished article looks amazing and the type of thing I just want to pour jigsaw glue all over and stick on my wall.


Fantastic design by hugely popular author and artist Colin Thompson (creator of the best-selling puzzle The Bizarre Bookshop).
It’s also on AMAZON for just Β£7.99.

Both of these puzzles contain premium quality cut puzzle pieces which feature the softclick technology resulting in a smooth puzzle.
Both can also be purchased in many good toy stores too.
I have certainly got my work cut out with these two puzzles this time.
Thank you Ravensburger your puzzles are amazing.

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