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Thinking Gifts design award-winning book accessories and novelty stationery

In our house we all love our little pieces of stationary and novelty items. Little gifts go a long way too whether it’s just a gift to cheer someone up or something to put in a card or add as a stocking filler.


Thinking Gifts started off selling book holders and now professionally design their own range of stationary and accessories. Their collection of stationary/gift items includes bookmarks, pens, desk accessories and notepads.
Here are just a few of their lovely things which we have been sent.

We have a very cute assortment of little notepads and I was very glad to get 3 too. Saves the arguments!

The misfit notes which are like little weird animals with one eye have a magnet on the back and 100 pieces of note paper.


The Tweets are owls in all different colours and also have the magnet. Great for putting on the radiator, means they won’t lose them (hopefully).



Finally the Handbag notes. These come without the magnet and look just like mini handbags which is then opened up to reveal 100 pieces of paper. Izebella loves it.



Take a look at the many other designs and styles of the notepads here and all under Β£5 too.

My children also have some fancy bookmarks too.




The bookbraids will be loved by all little girls and even come with a choice of hair colour – blonde, brunette, redhead. Jordanna simply pops hers in a book and leaves the long lock of hair dangling over and then never loses her page in her book.

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The Compass marks all come with a vehicle from a by gone era and a handy compass too.


Funny feet again with many choices look like a large paper clip, then when placed on a book page will make the book look like someone has dived in and left their feet on the outside. In Ryan’s case this is a naughty elf.


All the bookmarks can also be purchased for under Β£5.00.

My children love their little gifts.

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