Vamousse away the headlice

I hate headlice, unfortunately with having two girls who both have lots of curly hair, it seems the horrid critters are never too far away. I regularly check, comb and treat all my children’s hair including Ryan’s and check my own too. I do get frustrated, getting rid of the things only for them to reappear two weeks later. I put this down to school and the lazy parents who can’t be arsed treating their own children! Yes I’m sure you are all familiar with one of those parents.

Anyway I am always on the lookout for headlice treatments and am pretty much prepared to try anything in order to rid our household of the dreaded lice.
So in comes a brand new product named Vamousse. It’s a two stage treatment consisting of the headlice treatment and removal and a protection to hopefully stop them returning too soon.


Vamousse treatment comes in the form of a mousse so is a little different to other products. It’s in a tin and comes out just like regular hair mousse. It’s really easy to apply, it disappears into the hair instantly. It does have a rather strange smell but it’s nothing unpleasant. I can’t quite put my finger on what it smells like; maybe herbally, but it does not come with the stench of tea tree which I really dislike.

It’s best to section the hair then apply to the scalp and comb through to the ends. As it’s a mousse rather than a liquid, it does not soak the hair but rather makes it slightly damp, no drips to worry about and no mess. The mousse needs leaving on for just 15 minutes. This is all it takes to kill the tiny head visitors. After 15 minutes and with the mousse still on it’s time to comb through and check.
A metallic nit comb comes with the treatment. These types of combs are great for not only removing the lice, but also the eggs which can be difficult to get out normally.
Once the hair is combed and dead lice removed, hair can be washed. I find it best to recheck my kids hair once more after washing just to ensure they are all out. It’s also a good idea to repeat the treatment a few days later just incase any eggs are missed and end up hatching.

This is what head lice look like.

They can be different colours to blend in with the hair. The baby lice can be difficult to see on the scalp but may be spotted once combed out. Eggs are even trickier to spot.
Head lice, despite the myths cannot jump and do not have a preference for clean or dirty hair. They don’t think to themselves “Hmm this head smells a bit so I best find somewhere else! No they can live on anyone’s head who has hair no matter what age, sex, race or whether you wash your hair every day or once a month. They are unfortunately a fact of life, especially with children and no one should feel ashamed or dirty if they find a few. It usually can’t be helped until they are found but they can be treated, removed and prevented from returning.

The second part of the Vamousse treatment is a protection shampoo which can be used once a week to keep them away. This has a slightly menthol smell to it and lots of foam and lather.


Hopefully by using this shampoo it will deter the creatures from returning to my children’s heads. At least for the foreseeable future anyway.
The Vamousse products seem to be doing the job. I applied to all of their hair on receiving and repeated again a few days later. On checking hairs today I have not found anything. So fingers crossed for now.

I think it’s impossible to ever be completely rid of them, especially whilst at school and numerous after school clubs.

Vamousse have their own headlice game for both Android and Apple devices as well as their own video advert. High Noon for Headlice!

Vamousse products are suitable for ages 2 and over and can be used by adults and children. They both contain something called Isopropyl Myristate and the treatment contains Isopropyl Alcohol.
Both products can be purchased at Boots, Superdrug and other independent pharmacies.

For more information see the Vamousse website

Talking and thinking about lice is now making my head very itchy indeed, looks like I will have to go and Vamousse my head!

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