Chatsters Gabby

If there is one toy that I think would be top of a little girls Christmas list this year then I would definitely say it was Chasters Gabby from Spinmaster toys

It looks like Santa has called early again as Chatsters Gabby arrived at our house last week, making two little girls very happy.


Gabby is like a cool lite disco diva. She comes dressed in a spotty mini dress with BIG! oversized boots. She has huge glasses on and a large head. I guess she needs a large head as this is where most of the action happens.


Gabby needs 2 batteries in each one of her massive boots. That’s 4xAA batteries in total and I was also very kindly sent some batteries too.

Gabby talks and talks a lot. Sometimes she won’t shut up, therefore she fits right in with my 2 girls as they rarely stop talking either. She can say more than 300 words and phrases. So we probably have not heard half of what she has to say so far.


She has little hearts on each corner of her big glasses and this is how she can be interacted with. Each side will give different options. She comes with a total of 9 accessories and 6 of these are interactive (Smoothie, Cupcake, Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Sprinkles puppy, mobile phone) and also 3 hair accessories which are not interactive.

Gabby will interact with each accessory in a different way. Her lipstick will change the colour of her lips, she will sip her smoothie and make up can be applied. Girls will also enjoy styling her long hair in many ways.


Gabby also has over 25 activities and games to play. These include several mini games and make overs. Her accessories can unlock even more games and activities. Her games appear on her eyes and whilst she is chatting and playing games her eyes animate. They will light up, change colour and different patterns will appear.



Gabby even has her own app. This I know is available via the App Store for Apple devices free of charge (unsure about Android) the app allows doll owners to send and receive messages from Gabby. I have not downloaded this for Jordanna as she is a bit too young for a mobile phone just yet, but it’s a lovely addition to an already great doll.

Did I say this little Diva dances too!
watch her in action here!

Gabby and her friends can be found over on the Chatsters website and she can be purchased at Smyths toys for Β£59.99.

Gabby is suitable for children ages 5 and over so is therefore more Jordannas doll than Izebellas who is only 2. The doll has long hair and needs batteries so it’s up to you to use your own judgement when letting younger children play with her. Both my girls love their new friend. Izebella very much enjoys brushing her hair and gets very excited when Gabby talks and when her eyes light up.

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  1. October 24, 2014 / 19:14

    My little girl is a bit young just now but this looks like so much fun!

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