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I love trying out new foods and flavours. Before coming across Hot Headz sauces I claimed I could handle many hot, spicy foods and flavours. Little did I know that until the Hot Headz arrived, I had never tasted pure heat.


Hot Headz sauces are certainly not for the faint hearted and not for young children either. They are made from pure strong chilli peppers and all deliver a serious kick, even the more milder ones. Many come with warning labels.

About Hot Headz
Hot Headz are Feiry food pioneers who began selling American hot sauces 14 years ago. These days they source hot sauce from every corner of the globe and their range includes literally hundreds of items including the sauces, mustard, mayonnaise and even non food items.

I thought I would give some of this hot sauce a try and Hot Headz kindly sent over a box full of various hot products.


And lots of sauce too!


I have five bottles of their amazing sauce. I have cleared out the top shelf of my food cupboards. Would not want to risk little Jordanna mistaking this stuff for her ketchup now.
All the sauces include Scoville scale measure which is the measure of hotness of a chilli pepper or any products made with them. The scale measures the concentration of the chemical compound capsaicin, this being the active component which causes the burning sensation in our mouths. This I feel is a must with this type of product. It’s good to know what I’m letting myself in for before I pour it over my food.
The heat scale ranges from 1-5 (mild to very hot) and will show images of little Chilli peppers like this along with the Scoville rating.


My sauces range from 1-4 on the scale. I am happy I do not have a 5 (very hot) one. I find a 2 hard enough to handle.
My mildest sauce is Pasilla Pepper and even this has a subtle kick to it. My hottest is the Habenero which most chilli lovers will be very familiar with. This stuff is seriously hot hot hot. I can’t handle it. I have tried it just for the sake of trying it and my eyes were watering, my nose running and my mouth on fire. Water does not put out the heat, instead it makes it worse.

This chart (taken from Hot Headz info booklet) shows the Scoville ratings for the sauce. You can clearly see the difference between the Pasilla and the Habanero.


I also have the Serrano, Chipotle & Jalapeno sauce.
These 3 all have the number 2 (Mild/Medium) heat rating making them hotter than the Pasilla and much more bearable than the Habanero.

The back of each bottle also contains information about the best use of each sauce, be it cooking, dipping, dressing, marinades etc. Each sauce comes from a different part of the world and will contain different Chillis and ingredients so some will obviously be more suited to different cuisines.
One thing I do find is that all of these sauces go down well with Chicken. Marinade it, drizzle it over or just pour on a plate and dip the chicken in. Everything goes with chicken.


It’s a similar story with steak too. Here I am braving the Serrano with some steak and onions. It certainly livens the meal up a little.


Of course if none of these sauces quite do it for you or you just want to go even hotter then take a look at what else Hot Headz has to offer with their mega hot sauce bottles. Try some Super hot Chilli sauces (I wouldn’t dare) or for the braver the Untouchable sauce range or maybe for the extreme their is even a selection of Pure Pepper Extracts. Remember these sauces are unbelievably hot and do not come with warning labels for nothing.

More Hot Stuff
Hot Headz do much more than bottles of sauce, and as well as all my hot sauce I also have all of these hot products too.

A fine selection of jars containing an assortment of relish, pickle, salsa, mustard, ketchup & more.
These too are majorly hot. I was sent over six of these jars in total and five of them have the 4 chilli heat rating (Hot). You can probably spot the Scotch Bonnet Chilli Picallili in my photograph. This stuff seriously blows my head off. It’s pretty unbearable so I would hate to attempt a hotter one. Don’t get me wrong it tastes good at first until the heat begins to kick in. The others just as hot – Smoked Chilli & Garlic hot sauce I do actually like this despite the heat. Indo relish nice if you enjoy hot burgers, Hot Chilli mustard with jalapeΓ±o & Serrano Chillis, hot chilli mustard with Chipotle and the more milder one being Harissa (Tunisian hot chilli sauce
Quite a hot combination

When using these sauces and jars I only use a tiny amount so my head does not blow off. I can therefore see them lasting me a very long time indeed and I now know what “real heat really means.

I can see my Christmas dinner being a little spicier than usual this year

If you love heat and love Chillies and a bit of spice and kick to your food then head over to Hot Headz and treat yourself to some real spice.
Everything is individually priced from just a few pound to a little bit more for the more limited edition finds. Many of these products will be very hard to find elsewhere.
I would advise to read the description very carefully and to make sure you know what you are buying beforehand. I will not be responsible for burned tongues or worse still; burned insides. Several products cannot be consumed directly – you have been warned!!!

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    Hot heads are the originals! Great products as always! πŸ™‚

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