Revell-Control Cloud Attack RC Plane


Ryan is a very lucky boy to be trying out one of the latest rc models from Revell . This time it’s the Cloud Attack plane.
When I first chose this product for review I was thinking along the lines of small helicopter size, so when a rather large box arrived containing the Cloud Attack plane, my first thoughts were just how big it was compared to other RC planes and flying models.


This plane measures a rather impressive 430mm in length and boasts a wingspan of around 500mm and weighs just 85g.
Cloud Attack is suitable for those aged 8 and over, thus meaning it’s fairly easy to use and control.


Inside the box- the plane itself along with the remote control and an instruction booklet in several languages.

The remote control requires 6 AA batteries which are not included. As with all RC products it’s best to use quality batteries to ensure the best performance. The remote control also comes with a charger plug which can be hidden away under it’s cover. This charger plug plugs into the plane next to the on/off switch. We know it’s charging as a red LED will continually blink. It is recommended to charge for up to 40 minutes.


The planes electric impeller gives users the experience of a jet feel. No flying experience is required, even amateurs and complete RC plane beginners can easily fly the Cloud Attack plane.


Unlike many other plane models, this one can both take off and land on the ground. The E impeller helps to give a straighter drive too.
It takes a bit of practice to accelerate and descend but once we had a few goes it got much easier. It’s all about controlling the throttle. Too much throttle will make the plane crash or continually rise.


Space is a key thing to fly this plane too. Our back garden is not the biggest tho not tiny either but the plane needs a big space. Our front is perfect being a very small street (just 10 houses), no high fences, noroads, just lawns. Perfect for flying meaning the plane won’t get stuck anywhere and no risk of it flying into a road or cars.
Ryan loves it.

Revell have their own video showing just how well this plane can fly.

I did try to take my own mini video but as you can imagine: filming is difficult whilst trying to control the plane at the same time and Ryan hasn’t quite got the hang of it just yet.

The Cloud Attack plane comes with an RRP of Β£39.99. The plane is made of durable EPP foam material and is therefore virtually indestructible. I have a feeling this plane will be very popular with males young and old this Christmas.
I have found one listing for this over on AMAZON but it’s selling out fast. More information about the Cloud Attack model along with where to buy can of course be found at Revell Germany .


  1. October 21, 2014 / 11:30

    Oh wow! That looks awesome!! It’s a fair price too. I expected it to cost a lot more. x

    • October 21, 2014 / 11:43

      It’s big. Plus came in a huge box too. Best not try fly it in this wind today tho ha

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