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A brand new children’s magazine is about to hit the shelves on October 23rd. DJ Murphy are the publishers of the new Abney Teal magazine which is aimed at pre school children and based on the hit Cbeebies show of the same name.

I have a copy of the first issue and have been going through it briefly with Izebella. The first thing we noticed is the front cover and the freebies attached to it, being a toy guitar and a flute music set. Izebella seems to have a strong liking for musical instruments and just loves these.
The magazine is full of friendship and music just like the show. The pages are packed with stories to read together and lots of activities to do such as colouring, puzzles, learning, and lots more to do.

Each page features the characters Abney & Teal themselves.

The magazine comes with lots of learning and educational benefits too. Activities such as counting, adding, matching and number tracing are included in a workbook section.
In the middle of it all there is a page of pull out stickers too.

There is even a competition to enter.

It is approximately 35 pages full of things to do. Printed on quality paper and feels more like a short book rather than the usual magazine glossy crinkly pages.

Izebella being just 2 is a little young for many of the activities and puzzles in the magazine just yet but still enjoys looking through it and loves the free music set gift.
I would say it’s probably more suited to a 3-5 year old.

The first issue goes live in stores on the 23rd October and can probably be found in many supermarkets and newsagents. It costs Β£2.99 and from what I have read in the magazine; I believe it’s a monthly issue so therefore not too expensive at all. I also read that issue #2 also comes with a free gift but I won’t spoil the surprise. You will have to buy issue #1 to find out for yourself.

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