Izebella meets Paddington bear

Paddington bear was and still remains a much remembered loveable bear and figure from many childhoods gone by. Paddington first appeared back in 1958 and is recognised by his big hat, duffle coat and his battered suitcase.
As a child growing up in the 1980s I remember Paddington being pretty much everywhere. On television both mornings and after school, in many books and even talked about at school through books and poems.
These days unfortunately Paddington is rarely seen on television due to the addition of what would be classed as “more modern characters”, but old Paddington will never be completely forgotten thanks to places like Rainbow Designs

Rainbow designs sell many classical toys for children which are based on several figures and old tv shows of days gone by. This includes many Paddington bear toys and teddy bears, puzzles and games.

I don’t think Izebella has ever seen Paddington bear until now. She was sent over some lovely Paddington toys including the Talking Paddington Bear (RRP Β£17.99) and a Paddington 4 in 1 puzzle (RRP Β£9.99)



Talking Paddington stands at 30cms tall and comes dressed in Paddingtons very traditional and well known attire.

With his big coat and hat it looks like he has just arrived at Paddington station.
Paddington is soft, furry and cuddly and he talks to Izebella too. With just a slight press of his tummy he says 5 different phrases.

I think Izebella likes him!


This loveable classic bear can be given to anyone. It’s suitable from birth upwards and will be loved by both adults and children alike.

Paddington bear is currently available to buy on AMAZON for just Β£15.40 and in many good toy retailers.

Izebella also has the jigsaw puzzle which is actually 4 different jigsaws in one box. Each one has a different number of pieces starting at 12 and the largest one has 24. There is a sheet of Paddington stickers too.

Izebella has just turned 2 and this is the first time she has had the jigsaw type puzzles so I had to help her out with them.
Each puzzle shows a different Paddington scene such as darkest Peru and Paddington station and Paddington his self appears in each one.

I’m sure it won’t be too long until Izebella works out how to complete the jigsaws for herself.

Each individual puzzle does come in a plastic bag. So this means I either have to keep them in the bags and keep the puzzle stored away or put the pieces inside the box altogether which means we have to try and find which piece goes in which puzzle every time. I am trying to think of a way to keep each puzzle separate without using the plastic bags.

We do love the new Paddington toys. They bring back some fond childhood memories.

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  1. October 15, 2014 / 10:12

    Aww! How lovely! I used to love Paddington bear when I was a child x

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