Kettle chips new Seasonal flavours

I do enjoy munching on the odd bag of Kettle chips. They differ from other crisps and seem to have their own unique textures and flavours.
Kettle Chips will be introducing 3 new seasonal flavours to their range of hand cooked chips and just in time for Christmas too.
The new flavours see the return of two classic seasonings being Stilton & Port, Salsa & Mesquite and also the launch of a brand new limited edition Cheshire Cheese, Red wine & Cranberry.

I have been trying out each flavour which arrived in the form of 3 big sharing bags 150g.

My overall favourite of these 3 has to be the Salsa & Mesquite which combines flavours of tomatoes, chillies and Peppers along with barbeque aromas.
The Kettle chips themselves are large in size and very crunchy as well as being full of great flavour. It’s very rawr to find tiny minuscule crumbs with bags of Kettle Chips, it’s just huge delicious bite size crisps.


Kettle Chips are made using the finest potatoes and the seasoning is created using real food ingredients. They are free from artificial flavours, colours and msg. Cooked in batches using sunflower oil.

The new Kettle chip flavours should now be available in most major supermarkets and independent food stores with an RRP of Β£2.19 for 150g bag.

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