Indulgent sweet spreads at Tesco

In my food cupboards you may find many interesting things (hopefully all in date). One thing for sure that’s bound to be lurking in there is some sort of sweet spread. Be it chocolate, biscuit or a peanut variety, we all love the stuff.

Tesco has recently introduced even more tempting varieties of sweet spreads to it’s shelves. A selection of Biscuit flavoured spread jars.


And a luxury chocolate assortment to add to the Tescos finest range.


I have been sent a delicious finger lickin jar from each of the new lines.

Custard Cream Spread

Custard cream biscuits were around when I was a little girl and are still going strong today. I imagine they are so popular with families due to the fact of how little they cost. Usually under 50p a packet. I ate loads of them when younger as our family biscuit tin was regularly topped up with the things. Now if you like custard creams then just imagine them all melted and made into a creamy spread which you can put on toast or anything you wish. Well that’s exactly what this spread is all about.

This spread combines the nations favourite biscuit with a rich creamy vanilla spread. And yes it tastes exactly like custard cream biscuits which I was not really expecting.
It is very sweet and creamy. We all love it. When we first got it we all took turns tasting it with a spoon and couldn’t stop eating the stuff.

We have it on toast and also with waffles which is highly recommended.


The other biscuit varieties which we may just have to go and buy are bourbon, cookies & cream and cookie biscuit.

Tescos finest Hazelnut chocolate spread

This one is a must for all chocolate and nut lovers. It’s a smooth rich chocolate mass infused with crunchy hazelnut pieces.

It’s delicious and perfect with just about anything be it spreading or dipping or just eating it from the jar.


The other varieties of this collection of spreads are Smooth chocolate, salted caramel and dark chocolate

They should all be available in Tesco stores.
Are they healthy??– probably not but they are very very tasty and delicious.

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