My Letter from Santa

Christmas is now 11 weeks away. Yes our Christmas countdown has begun.
Lists have been made and all are starting to get a little excited about the big day.

11 weeks may be a little early to start thinking about visits to see the big guy his self or even messages off him but I recently came across a lovely little company called My letter from Santa Claus.
They are a very small, family owned business based in Hertfordshire. They offer beautifully personalised letters from Santa.
Our letters are a very authentic, premium product that children love to receive and parents love to give!
On offer are 4 product options with individual price points.

The letter for my review is their premium letter from Santa


The first decision I had to make was who to get Santas letter made for. This was quite an easy decision. Ryan is 10 and no longer believes, even tho he will happily go visit him and post letters in the hope of getting more presents. Izebella is only 2 so does not really understand. Jordanna being 7 and still believing is just perfect for a magical letter.


The letters can be ordered via their website The premium letter costs Β£5.69. I was vale to complete the order process easily from my iPhone. I had to fill out my own details and then Jordannas name, age, name of a sibling, what present she wants and something she has done or achieved this year. For this I was given a large drop down list of options and spotted the learn to swim one on there. Payment can be made through paypal and I had no problem ordering nor paying.

The letter arrived within 3 days. The letter from Santa is in another envelope. It’s bright red with just Jordannas name on. On the back a Santa seal plus various North Pole postage marks which make it look quite authentic to a child.


Inside the red envelope were 3 things. First the letter itself.

The letter is printed on quality paper with an old fashioned style script font in black ink. It is decorated with a Christmas tree and again those special Santa mail stamps. The letter tells Jordanna that she is on the “Nice list” and that Santa knows what present she wants. It mentions Izebella and Jordanna learning to swim making it very personal.

This is the Nice list Certificate

It tells Jordanna she has made it onto the nice list this year. Something she can keep and be proud of.

Finally inside the red envelope!

It’s a poster to colour in and hang on the bedroom door Christmas eve so Santa knows who is tucked up in bed.

I love this idea and yes I am well aware that “free letters by email” exist. I think getting a letter like this in the post is much much better than one printed from an email. The Santa postage marks and the seal make it so much more magical. It’s such a shame when children stop believing at a very young age and something like this makes the magic last that little bit longer.

It is too early to show Jordanna her letter. I am reviewing this from my a parents point of view. I will be keeping the letter safe for a few more weeks and when Christmas is a little closer I will then give it to her. I am sure she will be delighted.

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