I’m going to Scream Park: will I make it out alive!!!!

The Zombie Apocalypse has begun. There is no escape. It’s too late. They are already here and you are right in the middle of the danger! Manchester is being attacked and only the military stands between the Zombies and the Earth’s annihilation. Prepare for the biggest challenge of your life, where only the best will make it to the other side. Four hours of terror will send shivers down your spine at every turn, with only your wits and the might of the Military to protect you.

Scream Park is a horror attraction at event city , Manchester and will be open to the general public from October 17th to November 2nd.


Next Thursday (October 16th) me and a very brave friend of mine will be making our way there and thrown in with the zombies and all sorts of terrifying creatures.
I love the paranormal and horror. I will happily sit alone watching any horror film but this is something totally different.
I have absolutely no idea what to expect or what I am letting myself in for. Their website is giving very little away which certainly adds to the suspense of it all.
I imagine we are going to be thrown into and become part of a real life horror movie. I am already a little nervous thinking about it why just six days to go.

The event begins at 7pm and lasts 4 hours until 11pm. That’s 4 hours of sheer terror. I hear there are optional rides at the end of it all such as ghost trains to make us even more scared.

This is one event where my high heels will be staying at home and the trainers will be going on. I do not intend to be laughed at by zombies when I fall flat on my face as well as being petrified.

Tickets are on sale now and cost Β£20. This is event is not for the nervous or faint hearted and only for those 15 and over which sort of gives me a good idea that this is gonna be one long scary night.

Should I make it out alive then I may just bring myself to post about the scariest night of my life.

Buy your tickets if you dare! From https://www.quaytickets.com/screampark/Online/default.asp
Halloween night tickets still available.


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