Read along with Wooly

Say hello to our new pet spider!

This is our Read along Wooly. Unlike other spiders Wooly is soft, gentle and friendly. He is cuddly and cute and not scary at all.


Read along Wooly comes from Golden Bear Toys. Wooly toys and products are based on the popular pre school kids programme Wooly & Tig in which a young girl named Tig explores new experiences and feelings relevant to young children and helped to overcome her fears with her cuddly pet toy spider Wooly.

Wooly arrived just a few days before Izebellas 2nd birthday. Rather than confusing her and giving her a new toy on a random day I decided to put it with her other presents as an extra gift. Izebella is a big fan of Wooly and Tig. She watches it when it’s on and also has a DVD of it.

Wooly is just adorable. He comes with a little book which fits snuggly in his belly pouch. The book has 4 short stories of Wooly and Tig adventures and each one of Woolys 8 feet have a symbol on.


Symbols in the stories match with Woolys feet and can be pressed to hear a corresponding sound or phrase.

It doubles up as both an interactive toy and a very cute and cuddly friend.



The toy comes pre installed with 3 AA batteries. The battery compartment is cleverly hidden in Woolys back and includes an on/off switch.


Izebella loves her new friend and will even shout loudly that she has Wooly spider when Wooly and Tig comes on.

“The toy comes with educational and learning benefits. The interactive introduction to reading will help your child with recognition and improve hand to eye co-ordination whilst the cuddly spider will delight and entertain”

The book is a bit of a let down
It is just a book made from paper and the toy is aimed at children 10 months and over so I can see it easily getting ripped, wet or even lost at some point.
Perhaps a tougher cardboard book or a cloth book would have been a better choice given the young age group it is aimed at.

The pouch where the book is kept on the spiders belly is quite large and I have already found a few bits of other things that Izebella has decided to hide in there.

Read Along Wooly costs Β£29.99 and I can imagine many little Wooly and Tig fans will be wanting one. It can be purchased directly from Golden Bear toys and many toy retailers.
Wooly measures 22cm.




  1. October 9, 2014 / 08:37

    This looks a great interactive Wooly, I love that you can turn it off so that they can play with Wooly just as he is #Playtime

  2. October 13, 2014 / 06:46

    What a shame about the book. It does look like a very cute toy though and one I know my daughter would enjoy playing with. Thanks for linking up with #Playtime

    • October 13, 2014 / 11:59

      The spider toy is lovely and very cuddly but I just think for Β£30 they could of made more effort with the book. Maybe make it thick card or even cloth especially as it’s aimed at baby’s and tots. I can’t see it lasting long with Izzy

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