Handmade treats for Christmas

It may be ever so slightly early to be considering what Christmas food to buy in or what to have with the Christmas dinner, but it will soon be here.
In my house I get to sample many things before the actual time and this time my extra special goodies come from Handmade treats.
My regular blog followers will not be mistaken to think I have done posts previously for handmade treats. I have sampled quite a few of what they have to offer and have not been disappointed with any of it.

Welcome to Handmade Treats, an online pantry offering the best and most delicious handmade foods that deliver superior quality and flavour.
The brands we currently offer are: Pudding Lane; Galloway Lodge; Buderim Ginger; Boyajian Oils; and Vinegar Tips,

This time I was sent a Vinegar tips gift pack and some yummy Christmas puddings.

I actually never knew that flavoured vinegars such as these existed. They come in pretty glass bottles both complete with a cork, almost like bottles of wine. They look so upmarket and authentic.


The vinegars themselves have multiple uses – Dressings, drizzling, dipping, cooking etc. Lovely with a salad or pouring over the Christmas vegetables. They came in a gift box too and I’m sure any cook would be happy with these as a gift.
There are 8 varieties of vinegar, each one delivered in a glass corked 100ml bottle for just £6 each.

Next my 2 Christmas puddings!

And what fine puddings they are too!. I tried a pudding last year from handmade treats and was therefore very happy to receive two this year.
When many people think of Christmas pudding, an image may pop into their head of a roundish shop bought thing wrapped in red plastic, “you know the ones I mean right? Well I never liked those but I do love the ones from handmade treats. Nothing beats a traditional hand made Xmas Pud in the festive season.
The puddings come in 6 varieties which includes a traditional one and even a Gluten free variety. I’m a big fan of the tasty flavoured ones and I have a Chocolate & Orange log along with a date & toffee log pudding
The puddings are log shaped rather than round (round ones can also be purchased) and they are quite substantial in weight (500g-1kg) which tells me they are packed full of delicious ingredients.
The puddings are all fully cooked and ready to be served and eaten or can be heated by boiling or microwaving.
The ingredients which puddings are made from means they have an extended shelf life and will actually be fine to keep wrapped up until December 2015.
Beautifully presented Christmas puddings handmade and carefully wrapped. Sure to get guests talking at any Christmas party.
Puddings start from £2.60 upwards to £16.60 depending on size.

Products can be purchased directly from http://www.handmade-treats.co.uk

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