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When I was a child, perhaps from 8 years old. I had a habit of sending off for things. Be it kids clubs, leaflets, packs. Stickers, books, kids catalogues I loved it. I loved waiting for the postman bring me my goodies. I guess sons things never change ha!

Some of those things were free, some I had to mother my parents for the odd few pence or a stamp and sometimes I’d use my pocket money. I think I ended up with a drawer full of useless bits and bobs but I just had a thing for receiving packages in the post (bit like now!)

Sadly these days for my kids things are a little different and gone are the many “kids stuff by post” places. It’s all been replaced with downloads and print outs which is not as fun. The internet however is a useful tool for finding the few kids clubs by post that are still around.

I came across The Sticker Club whilst browsing. This is a club aimed at kids and each week they send out yellow packets.


The packets of course contain several sheets of fun stickers. Most kids I know love stickers, my kids love them, even Izebella. Stickers are great for decorating note books, using on charts and even sticking on toys or walls (if mum and dad allow)
In our sticker pack we had 9 sheets of assorted stickers.

Each week will being different stickers and there are designs to suit both girls and boys of all ages. Here are some of the designs which may be in the packs.


The stickers come with several themes and characters.

The Sticker club have a special joining offer on at the moment of Β£1.99 per week. Yes it’s a subscription service but as always it can be cancelled any time. This price includes postage too.

It’s a shame there are not more of these types of postal clubs around for children like when I was younger tho I can imagine if there was it would cost me quite a lot as they would want them all.
Ryan and Jordanna are more than happy to split the stickers between them and decorate their books and things with them.

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