Degustabox monthly reveal

Last week my monthly Degustabox arrived. Here is a peek and all the lovely contents.


If you have not yet signed up for Degustabox then you should seriously consider it. It is by far the best subscription food box out there. Β£12.99 per month which includes delivery will get you anything from 9-15 surprise items in your box.

Degustabox can be found on social networks plus of course their own UK website. – website – Facebook – twitter

Β£3 off your box!
My reader offer code this month is 4784588. Enter at checkout for Β£3 off your box.

Now to tell you about all the great items I got in my box this month. Many of them were completely new to me and as with the other most recent box I have items both from the alcohol and non alcoholic boxes.

1) Jordan’s Granola

Did I mention that Degustabox don’t do tiny trial samples?? No Infact the majority of the produces will be normal size or bigger as in this case. A big bag of new Jordan’s granola, baked crunchy oats with honey. I don’t eat cereal myself tho my children do. I’m thinking natural yoghurt topped with this stuff, Mmm delicious. Β£2.69

2) Burts Lentil Waves

Never heard of these before tho obviously I have heard of the Burts company. 3 bags of different flavours in my box. A nice twist on the traditional crisps. (Β£2.07, 69p each)

3 Pick Up

Always a delight to find some sweet biscuits or bars amongst my goodies. These sweet sandwich biscuits are the product of the famous Bahlsen company and I have 2 delicious packets. (Β£3.38, Β£1.69 per pack

4) Crabbies Alcoholic Fruits/ Cloudy Lemonade

These drinks would have been split between the alcohol and non alcoholic boxes. Luckily I get to sample both. The cloudy lemonade has a twist of ginger and a strong fresh taste, it forms part of the Crabbies ginger beer bottle blends. The alcoholic fruit drink is just 4% alcohol and like a refreshing alchopop. Several flavours are available. Β£4.00

5) Carnation cook

Again another new product for me. It’s cream in a carton for use with savoury dishes. Sounds great for making a curry. Two in my box (Β£3.30)

6) Righteous

I had no idea what these were when I first spotted them. They are little pots of dressing or dips. 3 varieties, lots of flavour and healthy too as they are free from additives, preservatives and thickeners. They seem good for adding to salads and perhaps meat dishes to give a whole new flavour. (Β£2.19)

7) Elizabeth Shaw

I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Shaw chocolates and was happy to find some in my box. These are brand new Mint thins. They are decorated with crunchy mint sprinkles and the perfect coffee accompaniment. (Β£2.50

8) Little Miracles

Little miracles are a new drink which combines organic tea with fruit juice. I’m not normally a lover of cold or flavoured tea but I cannot really taste the tea part with these.
They also contain blends of ginseng and acai.
They are healthy drinks with less than 90 calories per bottle and sweetened with Agave. Free from artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours.
These drinks can be found at Drink Little Miracles.
I enjoyed both flavours. Very refreshing for any time of day.
(Β£3.18) two in my box.

I have included prices above. The prices are what each item or group of same items costs to buy separately. I don’t even need a calculator to see just how much value you can get by subscribing to these boxes.
I love the Degustabox service and waiting for my surprise boxes each month. Then the unwrapping of the box itself and looking at what is inside as I have no idea until it arrives. I would highly recommend Degustabox to all my friends, family and blog readers.

To subscribe or try Degustabox visit

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