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Now that my children are back at school I do find tea times particularly difficult and often with arguments. My two older children and Ryan in particular can be very fussy with their food. They often leave the majority of it or simply moan and say they don’t like this or that.
The whole teatime routine can also be hard. I collect them both from school at 3.20 tho on some days they have after school clubs and activities. It’s a 5/10 min walk from school and I’m often asked on the way home what’s for tea. That’s when the complaints start.
I get home and start preparing about 4ish. My children rarely offer to help. They have started scraping their dishes and putting them in the sink and Ryan will make the drinks for all 3 of them.
It is very rare that I get to sit down and eat with them. I would like to this more but always find there is something that needs doing , be it cleaning, laundry or something else. Izebella feeds herself very well but I am always around in the dining room with them, just not dining with them. I usually do not get a chance to eat until they are all in bed and sometimes not at all.

The lovely people over at Britmums asked if I would like to take part in a Birdseye challenge. All I had to do was describe our back to school tea time routine as above. I was sent Β£20 of Birdseye shopping to help with the teatime routine.
Off to Iceland I went and came back with all this.

I got – burgers, chicken crisps, pies, fish fingers, fish bites, chicken nuggets, waffles, inspirations, veg, rice. Lots for my Β£20.
Ryan will eat the majority of these products except for the rice and vegetables. Jordanna and Izebella will usually eat everything so it should be fuss free for a week or so.

I have been busy making some tasty meals thanks to Bird eye. The waffle burgers went down pretty well.

It’s really just one of the chicken crisp burgers sandwiched between 2 waffles then you can cover it with sauce or add salad.

Here, I think Ryan was trying to create a face for Jordanna using the Birds eye fish bites, Birdseye mash tags, Birdseye steamed veg and noodles for the hair. The face didn’t quite turn out but Jordanna still enjoyed it.

Chicken chargrill with mini waffles and additions of peas and spaghetti went down very well. I had to leave the peas off Ryan’s plate he is so fussy.

Ryan does however love his fish finger sandwiches.

No sauce, no salad just grilled fish fingers on 2 pieces of bread.

I love the new Birdseye inspirations especially the garlic and herb chicken.


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  1. October 2, 2014 / 11:07

    I enjoyed reading your post. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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