Matt Hatter Chronicles 3D Puzzle

“Already established as a firm favourite on Nickelodeon and CITV amongst 6 – 9 age children, Matt Hatter Chronicles is a pulse-pounding adventure comedy series appealing to the hidden hero in us all. To save our world and the gateway to a different dimension, the Multiverse, Matt must battle and capture infamous Super Villains from Movie, Myth and Legend. The programme revolutionizes TV viewing with its state of the art ‘Multivision’ animation (3D without glasses!) and his Multivision Specs make Matt the best Hatter Hero ever.


The Matt Hatter 3D puzzle we have is a 200 piece jigsaw. I would say 200 piece is a good size for me. I get frustrated and bored sometimes doing the larger puzzles but even this one presented quite a challenge.
The puzzle comes with some rather funky 3D Matt Hatter glasses too.


The 3D glasses are for use once the puzzle is completed.

There are I believe 4 different puzzles in this collection and 2 of them have 500 pieces. Each one shows a different scene or set up from Matt Hatter chronicles.
I particularly like the puzzle we have. As Ryan told me it shows Matt Hatter his self along with his friends Rosie and Gomez.

We first attempted the jigsaw by trying to connect the straight edged side pieces but this proved difficult as they all look the same. We then built the characters one by one. This seemed the easier way.



Then connected the characters together and completed the inbetween and side bits.



The finished puzzle is very colourful and bright. The characters have a lot of detail and when the 3D glasses are put on it kind of all jumps out at us.
The pieces seem fairly strong and sturdy like they are made from quality card rather than cheap stuff. The puzzle probably took 3 of us about 2 hours. A little frustration and head banging along the way but we got there in the end. Only for little Izebella to come along minutes later and pull it apart!!

The puzzles come with an RRP retail price of £12.99 each. Argos and Amazon being the main stockists but they will probably be available in many good toy and puzzle retailers too. They are aimed at children ages 6-9 but even I found it slightly difficult.

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