WWE Stackdown Starter Pack from Flair


The WWE Stackdown starter packs are part of the collection of construction toys at Flair. There are 4 different stater packs to collect, each one costing Β£9.99 and aimed at children aged 6 and over.
The sets need to be built up and contain several pieces of construction to build and join together.


Ryan’s set is the High flying Sin Cara it contained 92 pieces which includes a 5.7 Kofi Kingston figure, ladders, chains, banner pieces. The figure has multiple points of articulation along with a title belt.

Ryan seemed quite excited when he returned hind from school and saw the kit waiting on the table for him. He loves construction toys and has had several different construction sets throughout his years.
It certainly gives him something to do for a while other than play computer games.

It did not take him long to complete it. Maybe half an hour. The kit came with easy follow instructions showing clear pictures of what part goes where.


Once fully assembled the figure will hurl through the ring with the flick of a finger.


The full range of WWE toys and kits can be found here

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