NKD SKN Tinted Tan Mousse & 45% off code

NKD SKN is the latest tanning product range from Vita Liberata.

The NKD SKN collection comes with a choice of 5 products. Each one being designed to give a glowing party girl natural tanned look.
There is a tanning liquid, Matte instant wash off tans and Tinted tan mousse which is what I have been testing out.


The bottles are 100ml in size and in a choice of medium or dark tan. I was also sent a tan mitt for application too.

I was not too keen on the packaging to begin with as it shows the very slim and toned body of a lady in what looks like a sexy swim suit. I think this could be a little off putting, but it’s the product inside that really counts.

The bottle has a easy pump action nozzle and the solution comes out as a light foamy mousse. I have the medium one and when it comes out it does look quite dark.



There is no smell to this mousse at all. No perfume or nasty fake tan smell. It goes on easily and is easy too see where it’s not been applied. A little seems to go a long way and it dries instantly- no stickiness or greasy feeling.

I always apply my tan after a bath and exfoliating and then view the results the next morning. This product gives some instant visible results immediately after applying. However it is best to let it fully develop for a good few hours.


I am really happy with the results. No patchiness, no streaks and no smell. Looks just as good as the real thing which is pretty impossible to achieve in this country at this time of year.

The tan application can last for up to 7 days and seems to fade off evenly rather than in patches, making a re application much easier.

Best of all it only costs Β£14.95.


NKD SKN are offering my readers a massive 45% off any NKD SKN PRODUCT. That’s almost half price and an amazing offer I am sure you will agree.
The code to use is BIZZI45 and the code is valid until 15/10/14.

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