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I often think back to my childhood days and how things have changed. I sometimes wish I was still that small child back then. Playing out until it was dark, no mobile phones, hardly any gadgets and so many “Sweets“. I would love visiting the local shop eagerly
glaring and examining all the jars behind the counter wondering which one to spend my 20p on. To this day I am still not quite sure exactly what a “Quarter of” meant in terms of quantity or weight.

Sweets these days are so different. Okay so most shops still sell all the favourite chocolate bars but they are without a doubt much smaller and more expensive. Those retro sweets however that we all loved are sometimes very hard to find. Unless your lucky enough to live near an old fashioned style sweet shop that is.

Well I was lucky to stumble across this website, called Keep it Sweet. They of course sell many retro sweets including some old favourites of mine. And best of all they ship them to your doorstep too meaning no trips to the shop no more.

On the website is a pull down menu giving access to the many hundreds of different sweets available. Lots of different categories to help find what you are looking for such as chocolates, jellies, liquorice, sherbert etc. If you still cannot find what you are looking for then there are further options such as colours and flavours. The bags of sweets start from less than a pound and different weight amounts can be picked too.

As well as the individual sweet bags, there are also Sweet jars. These jars are full of a mixture of sweets and come in different sizes.

Look what we have here!


Yes we got sent over one of the 3Ltr jars. My children were literally jumping for joy, anyone would think they have never had sweets in their life.
Our jar was filled to the brim with retro sweets. Every time we took something out we were greeted by another surprise. The jar was literally jam packed full of sweets.


This jar really bought back some childhood memories and not just for me but for a few friends too who I shared a few with. I was really surprised to find a “highland toffee” bar in there. I did not think these were made anymore, along with black jacks and fruit salads. A bunch of paper money, wham bars & drumstick lollies are among my favourites. Does anyone remember dib dabs? a packet of sherbert with a lolly? I found a few of them along with double dippers. In the middle of the jar I found several wrapped bags containing jelly sweets such as jelly babies and wine gums along with some toffee bananas and fried eggs.



There are really too many sweets to mention as it is just packed full of them.
I have had the jar about 2 weeks and we still have lots left (surprisingly) so it has lasted a long time even with 3 children.

The 3 Litre jars cost just under twenty pounds at Β£19.99 and there are a few choices each with slightly different sweets inside. They are a great buy for Christmas be it a gift or just something to keep kids happy over the festive season.
Keep it Sweet Jars can be seen and purchased here

Okay so I know sweets are not the healthiest thing but I never claim that my blog is about health living or lifestyles and I don’t think the odd few sweets now and again does much harm. Just think how many you ate as a child.

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