Ravensburger Despicable me 2 jigsaw

My latest puzzle from Ravensburger contains 500 pieces and is a Despicable me 2 picture.

I have completed quite a few Ravensburger puzzles. They do seem to be much better quality than other jigsaw puzzles. For a start the pieces seem much more stronger and durable thus reducing the risk of them bending or worse still ripping or falling apart. Then there is the softclick – technology interlocking mechanism which ensures the pieces easily fit together and the end result is an absolutely smooth puzzle. The puzzles come in a vast selection of themes, images and sizes and with a choice of how many pieces are included to complete the puzzle. I think 500 is probably my limit for now. I do find it difficult to complete them with 3 kids running around. However I do also find them quite relaxing and it’s nice to do something different.

My latest puzzle “Despicable me is one I am finding especially challenging. The reason being is that the characters on the finished puzzle, although different all look the same as can be seen here.

The characters are all yellow and blue throughout so it is almost like a repeating patten. Therefore all the pieces are blue, yellow and white (eyes). This one is certainly going to take time to complete I think.

This particular puzzle seems to be aimed towards the older child (10 and over) and adults. It takes time and a lot of patience.

A great Christmas present for fans of either Despicable me or Jigsaw lovers.

Ravensburger puzzles can be purchased from many good toy retailers, certain supermarket stores, Amazon and many online shops. Prices vary.

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